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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Perfectly Synchronized With ‘Steal, Kill, and Destroy’ (Sound Familiar?)| The Epoch Times

The global surge of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), now a social component woven into the fabric of ESG standards (Environmental, Social, Governance), marks a potent force on the global stage. Yet we still struggle to learn whether it is a force for good or a potentially diabolical one.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Runs Article About Satanic Abortion| The Epoch Times

TST’s website states that TST is a religious organization that provides abortion health care. Mr. Mammen said that providing a service to abort babies has nothing to do with religion or health care.

Mr. Mammen said that since the beginning of time, medical care has never been about killing anything. The Hippocratic Oath for doctors includes doing no harm. This is not only an issue about the fetus but also an issue about women.

He said that most women who’ve gone through abortions have experienced trauma years later, and it’s not short-term trauma; it’s long-term trauma. In fact, there are entire counseling organizations dedicated to counseling women who are suffering post-traumatic stress from an abortion way back in their youth.

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DEI Dilemmas Abound: Let’s Attempt to Make Sense Out of Nonsense!| The Epoch Times

DEI-driven activists are reimagining medical practice to deliver healthcare depending upon a patient’s race, sex, gender, and rank on the “oppressor” scale. Patients are treated or not treated based upon their race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, social class, ability, immigration status, and more. How does that make sense? Measuring a patient’s political-social worthiness cannot be the doctors’ job when healthcare is needed.

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Dilemmas of DEI: If We’re Sincere, How Do We Make Sense Out of Nonsense?| The Epoch Times

The dilemma this creates, however, is that people who are placed in positions for which they would not otherwise qualify, are viewed and callously dismissed as “diversity hires.” Being so labeled bestows no dignity, but instead undermines personal integrity and the commitment to excellence and competency.

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Marx Infects Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | The Epoch Times

To this day, Marx’s philosophy encourages the “exploited” proletariat class to rise up and control or eliminate the bourgeoisie “ruling class.” Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik who launched the late Soviet Union, upshifted Marxism to achieve utopia by mobilizing the “masses” to undermine capitalism and meritocracy

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Darwin and DEI | The Epoch Times

Some perceive DEI as the perfect mechanism for retribution based on a history of unequal treatment of the past. From their perspective, any unequal treatment toward those who seem to fit the profile of “oppressors/victimizers,” notably, whites, is apropos payback for the generations of unequal treatment and abuse blacks endured in the past. Ironically, the loudest advocates of DEI initiatives have no problems with the people who laid the foundation of human bigotry/racism and inequality.

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Forgiveness Time

The trajectory of American culture (including the church) indicates that many feel justified in being righteously indignant, bitter, and perpetually aggrieved, with no conviction about the necessity and command for forgiveness. Many do not realize that irrespective of any “good” acts or deeds they do, embracing unforgiveness disqualifies God’s forgiveness!

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Molech and Baal in America

Biblical and ancient history describes abominable practices and unfathomable rituals that were dedicated to the idol gods Molech and Baal. Rituals to these gods required live sacrifices of children. Innocent, defenseless children were put into fiery furnaces and burned to death as a sacrifice to the gods. Any moral person would view these grotesque ancient rituals as savage and inhumane. Regrettably, monstrous forms of child sacrifice continue to this very day.

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Tyre Nichols Press Release – Feb 1, 2023

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) stands against all acts of evil and injustice. Irrespective of the “reason,” (i.e., lack of training, “racism,” lax hiring policies, poor psychological screenings, etc.), excessive force that prompts acts of police brutality is unjust. Evil acts committed by people trusted with tremendous power and authority are unacceptable and must be confronted and corrected. We pray all officers involved in Tyre’s death will receive their due maximum punishment. We also pray for the Nichols family and friends as they endure this sudden unnecessary loss, deep sorrow, and extreme grief.

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If I were the devil …

Satan’s ongoing schemes make clear why and how he is strategically and aggressively targeting our children. Going “woke” and staying silent while they are infected and destroyed by demonic schemes means we are snubbing God’s warning.

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