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Essential Resources for Advocacy

Welcome to our Resources page, a comprehensive hub of valuable documents designed to empower our supporters with the knowledge and tools needed for effective advocacy. Here, you’ll find a collection of PDFs, including talking points, informative guides, and templates for public letters. Each resource is carefully curated to support your efforts in promoting justice, equality, and the mission of Every Black Life Matters. Whether you’re preparing for a community meeting, writing to your representatives, or seeking to deepen your understanding of key issues, these materials are here to assist and inspire you in your advocacy journey.

COVID 19 Resources

Sample Documents and Links Please feel free to download what you need and share this page with others. COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Download PDF COVID-19: Facts and Statistics Download PDF

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Teacher and Student Engagement

Invite us to your school! Train them up in the way they should go…. EBLM realizes that the next generation of school kids will be our future leaders in this nation.

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CRT Resources

Welcome Thank you for visiting, CRT for Dummies Curated and hosted by Every Black Life Matters. URGENT – MAY 19TH What to do The US Department of Education Is

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Should your church be Woke?

Join Kevin and Neil for an honest discussion about woke, social justice, CRT and other issues contending for the church’s allegiance. A few questions we discuss Explain Woke? What is

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Signs and Guide sheets

How to winsomely engage with blm and liberals friends Download PDF How to Respond to potential Violence from BLM (links below) One way to avoid having your home or

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Why Fatherhood? Many studies have confirmed that the single most important characteristic leading to Black advancement and prosperity is the presence of the father in the home. Fatherhood programs” and

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