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Molech and Baal in America

Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

Shockingly, the medieval savagery of tearing bodies apart limb-by-limb is how child sacrifice is practiced today.

Molech and Baal in America

Unfathomable Molech and Baal child sacrifices are “ancient history,” right? Not so! Unfathomable child sacrifices continue unabated!

Biblical and ancient history describes abominable practices and unfathomable rituals that were dedicated to the idol gods Molech and Baal. 

Rituals to these gods required live sacrifices of children. Innocent, defenseless children were put into fiery furnaces and burned to death as a sacrifice to the gods. Any moral person would view these grotesque ancient rituals as savage and inhumane. Regrettably, monstrous forms of child sacrifice continue to this very day.

Molech Sacrifices

The Bible confirms Molech was an idol god depicted as a bronze statue. The bronze statue had the face of a bull, multiple chambers, and an opening in the “stomach.” The stomach of Molech burned intensely hot, and this is where children would be placed or thrown in and burned alive. While parents threw their children into the fire as a sacrifice to Molech, they were motivated by the notion “the hotter the fire, the better.” (Imagine that.) Unfortunately, the evil didn’t stop with Molech sacrifices; Baal rituals were just as grotesque.

Baal Rituals

Ancient Baal rituals were mostly performed out of community desperation. During times of crisis, Baal’s followers were encouraged to sacrifice their children on behalf of the community. Firstborn children of Baal worshippers were the ones usually sacrificed by being thrown into a pit to be burned alive (in a similar fashion to Molech).

Participants in these rituals believed the sacrifice of the firstborn was a requirement to gain personal (and/or communal) prosperity. As if the base horrors of Baal sacrifices were not enough, the rituals also incorporated sensual eroticism; people gleefully participated in mostly nude sensual performances and orgies, while children screamed as they were thrown into the furnace and burned alive. Unconscionable!

Child Sacrifice Today

Today, most would say there is no moral justification for Molech and Baal’s child sacrifices. Very few things can be worse than being thrown (alive) into a fiery furnace. But, as horrific as throwing babies into a fiery furnace was, being alive and then having your body torn apart limb-by-limb is worse Shockingly, the medieval savagery of tearing bodies apart limb-by-limb is how child sacrifice is practiced today.

Now, children are torn apart limb-by-limb via abortion; then, their body parts are contemptuously sold to the highest bidders. There is no sugar coating: Abortion is wholly barbaric and exceeds the savage nature of ancient child sacrifices of Molech and Baal.

In our current times, however, most people who virtue signal about being moral fail to recognize the savage destruction of God’s most precious creation … babies. The global conscience has been seared to the point that people scarcely recognize the barbarism and sheer brutality of abortion. Since abortion is encouraged by medical practitioners, “woke” culture, abortion “choice” laws, major media, and countless others, progressive societies are desensitized to the realities of this horror.

There’s no denying that child sacrifices have remained unabated from ancient times to the modern day. The rituals have changed, but the results are the same.

Regrettably child sacrifice doesn’t stop there. Children’s minds are now being sacrificed through the brazen degeneracy of educational curriculums. 

Child Sacrifice in Education

Regrettably, modern-day school systems and curricula are dominated by strategic brainwashing designed to brainwash and defile children. Children are inundated with lessons incorporating “woke” curriculums that include racist theories like CRT, “child grooming” via the encouragement of gender dysphoria, and highly sexual lessons/demonstrations of perversion and deviancy. Children are being purposely unmoored from traditional morals and values, and encouraged to embrace anti-God sentiments.

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In aggregate, children in (primarily public) school systems are being sacrificed through the introduction of demonically inspired cultural themes. While this type of sacrifice is not necessarily immediately fatal, it is corrosive and lays a foundation bearing eternal negative consequences. So, what are some interventions that can help mitigate and prevent the child sacrifices of today?

What Can We Do?

Being sincere about helping protect children from medieval savagery means withdrawing support of child sacrifices consummated via “abortuaries” (Planned Parenthood/abortion clinics).

If we are sincere about wanting children to embrace a world of endless possibilities, an appropriate response would be to help dismantle and prevent brainwashing within school systems.

Finally, if we are sincere about encouraging children to accept and positively embrace ethnic/racial differences, an appropriate response would be to reject “wokeism” and racist Critical Race Theory (CRT and similar theories). Instead of “woke” brainwashing, children should be encouraged to embrace individuals based on the “content of one’s character” as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. clearly exhorted.

Every Black Life Matters Rejects Any Form of Child Sacrifice

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is committed to protecting all of God’s creation, especially children (the most innocent). We therefore categorically reject any form of child sacrifice; urgently we encourage everyone to stand with us against abortion. Likewise, to protect children’s futures, we encourage parents to come alongside our efforts to combat divisive “woke” cultural movements (like CRT, DEI etc.). Taking these steps, we can change the downward trajectory of current culture and provide a much brighter future for children.

An intense focus on children is vital if we hope for better future generations. Please partner with EBLM ( as we invest to protect the interests and potential of rising generations! For more information and strategies designed to thwart wokeism, get my book Woked UP! Also, visit to schedule our team to visit your city or organization.

Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC. He is president and co-founder of Every Black Life Matters.

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