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Join a community of forward-thinking Christians and conservatives dedicated to shaping a just, family-oriented, and free society through insightful dialogue and active civic engagement.

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Mavericks in Faith and Culture envisions a world where Christians actively participate in shaping their communities and governments, fostering a society that values justice, family, and freedom. We strive to be a beacon for the faith community and conservatives, illuminating paths to resolve longstanding community issues through informed engagement and dialogue.

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Kevin McGary

Kevin McGary brings to "Mavericks in Faith and Culture" a dynamic blend of technological expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deep commitment to civic engagement. With over three decades in the Information Technology sector, Kevin has achieved notable success as a top performer and innovator, especially in cybersecurity and enterprise applications. Beyond his professional achievements, Kevin is deeply invested in addressing socio-political issues. As Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, an executive at the Douglass Leadership Institute, and the Northstar Leadership Pac, he has been at the forefront of fostering change and advocating for solutions to today's most pressing challenges. His founding of Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) marks a significant venture into creating meaningful, faith-based alternatives to combat systemic issues affecting underserved communities. Kevin's leadership and vision contribute profoundly to the podcast's mission, offering insights into harnessing technology, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility to shape communities and governments in line with Christian values and conservative principles.

Neil Mammen

Neil adds a unique blend of engineering precision, apologetic insight, and global perspective. As an engineer and inventor, his analytical skills enrich discussions with a focus on facts and evidence. His diverse background, from growing up across Africa and Asia to engaging in deep theological and philosophical debates, equips him to address complex issues with a nuanced understanding. An ordained Evangelical Minister and vocal critic of Liberation Theology, Neil champions a morally restrained free market and defends the Christian faith against secular and Marxist ideologies. Co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, Neil’s commitment to pro-life principles and solving the challenges faced by black communities in America adds a critical dimension to the podcast’s mission. His extensive experience speaking on apologetics and his efforts in political activism provide a foundation for engaging with the core issues of justice, family, and freedom from a faith-based conservative viewpoint.

Lonnie Poindexter

Lonnie has a wealth of experience in both the technology sector and Christian media. With a solid background in management, sales, and marketing, Lonnie successfully bridges the gap between the technological and faith communities. His role as a Washington, DC correspondent allows him to provide insightful commentary on current events, public policy, and faith-based community issues, directly feeding into the podcast's mission of fostering informed engagement and dialogue. As the host of the national Christian Political radio show Lion Chasers and a cohost on GLC TV's Light of the Southwest Show, Lonnie has honed his ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible manner. His international speaking engagements reflect his commitment to sharing the dignity and value of African-Americans in America’s history, aligning with the podcast's vision of justice, family, and freedom. As EBLM's Director of Partnership Development, Lonnie's expertise in building relationships will be invaluable in creating a platform for impactful conversations.

Regina Roundtree- Wekesa

Regina delivers an invaluable blend of expertise in fostering community well-being and enhancing mental health through the power of communication and connection. As the founder of Apados Education,Travel Genie Asia, and You Are Remarkable, she has dedicated her life to teaching life lessons based on the Torah and promoting excellence in communication, leveraging these platforms to address mental health challenges within communities. Her transformative experiences across diverse cultures, from the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia to the dynamic environment of South Africa, have deepened her understanding of the healing power of self-acceptance and emotional connection. Regina's commitment to mental health is rooted in her belief that understanding and articulating one's experiences are foundational to healing and personal growth. By emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness and the therapeutic value of connecting with others, Regina adds a profound dimension to the podcast’s dialogue, aligning with its vision of nurturing a society that values well-being, justice, and freedom through informed and compassionate engagement.

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