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By Kevin McGary

The dilemma this creates, however, is that people who are placed in positions for which they would not otherwise qualify, are viewed and callously dismissed as “diversity hires.” Being so labeled bestows no dignity, but instead undermines personal integrity and the commitment to excellence and competency.

Dilemmas of DEI: If We’re Sincere, How Do We Make Sense Out of Nonsense?| The Epoch Times

By Kevin McGary 11/09/2023


When we carefully study the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement that is dominating workplaces and community trends, we find those ideas wrought with landmines.

There are potential landmines to navigate due to federal and state labor laws. Some landmines undermine America’s history of business ethics and human dignity through the active encouragement of racism. Some landmines infringe on the commitment to personal growth and competency. And some landmines confirm that DEI advocates are either insincere hypocrites (at best) or double-minded pathological sociopaths (at worst).

Let’s give DEI the benefit of good intentions. Assume DEI aims to instill a commitment to maximizing diversity, to level the playing field by encouraging higher percentages of participation from racial/ethnic and gender groups, and to enshrine fully inclusive environments that deliver oneness and unity through all ranks. It still must overcome obvious dilemmas plaguing its current implementations. Indeed, current implementations of DEI confirm hypocrisy instead of principled methods based on unifying principles.

A glaring example of arcane hypocrisy appears when DEI advocates claim that blacks and certain gender groups need to be gratuitously promoted and placed in more senior positions whether they have demonstrated skills and competencies or not. Advocates say such non-meritorious advancement policies provide people with personal dignity and accomplishment while unifying the working environments.

The dilemma this creates, however, is that people who are placed in positions for which they would not otherwise qualify, are viewed and callously dismissed as “diversity hires.” Being so labeled bestows no dignity, but instead undermines personal integrity and the commitment to excellence and competency. Additionally, the non-merit-based placements create workplace animosity and disunity, not unity.

Most federal and state labor laws reject hiring or displacing anyone based on immutable characteristics like race or gender. Another dilemma arises: Employers must walk a fine line to avoid running afoul of existing labor laws protecting opportunities for equal employment.

The principled American ethos is a commitment to stand against and reject racism wherever it exists (even if inconvenient). Most DEI advocates try hard never to admit how DEI enshrines racist motives and implementations. Still, when viewed through an objective lens, the proof of racist machinations within DEI is manifest.

The racial underpinnings of DEI should not be surprising when considering its neo-Marxist foundations. Karl Marx, a virulently hateful racist and bigoted antisemite, invented Marxism. My latest book, “DEI in 3D,” confirms the many ways Marxism overlays DEI and establishes unscrupulous demands to level the otherwise capitalist hierarchies within workplaces. Marxist tactics are designed to create chaos and ultimately collapse all “capitalist” systems.

Like hand in glove, DEI socially conditions people for a “great reset” of organizations and societies while providing a tool for meting out retribution against those considered “privileged” (based only on their skin color, gender, or political and religious leanings).

DEI is tightly bound with Marxism. Given Marx’s racism, bigotry/antisemitism, hate, and his insatiable determination to undermine capitalism, Marxism becomes a prominent and inconvenient dilemma for DEI advocates. Many attempt to deceive people, deflecting away facts confirming the DEI-Marxism connection, but DEI and Marxism are unavoidably intertwined.

Knowing all these facts, why would capitalist/free-market-oriented organizations encourage and invite Marxist trainers, Marxist theory, or any other neo-Marxist trappings, thinking any of these could achieve the goal of “unifying?” Marx himself predicted social division and upheaval for extended periods, thinking of those as necessary to achieve his utopian vision. (His vision has always devolved into poverty and tyranny.)

DEI advocates should reject any programs and policies designed to eliminate, undermine, or marginalize blacks. But here arises another dilemma.

Cataclysmic outcomes for countless members of the human race continue to this day as a result of Darwin and Galton’s grotesquely concocted theories. The book recounts these key facts: Galton, a renowned statistician and scientist (of sorts), asserted that human anthropology proved Caucasian supremacy (white supremacy) and is undergirded by “survival of the fittest.” Classifications, statistics, and his (mostly predetermined) anthropological assessments unleashed Galton’s new terminology to a hungry and racist elitist class looking for full justification to continue maltreatment of all other ethnicities.

Galton expanded upon Darwin’s ideas to pioneer eugenics. Eugenic is a Greek-based term meaning “well-born.” Galton aimed to undermine the reproduction rates of other ethnicities by disparaging non-Caucasian races as not “well-born.” He used newly developed rudimentary classifications and categories to quantify differences among races that justified treating races differently.

In his hubris, Galton felt so strongly about eugenics that he anticipated others would accept and fervently embrace it like a “religion.” Most regrettably, Darwin and Galton’s works were used as justifications to classify, marginalize, and dehumanize all races outside of pure white/Caucasian while extolling the white supremacists and elite.

Sanger’s Planned Parenthood clinics are strategically located (disproportionally) in Black/Brown communities to this day. Unfortunately, Sanger’s dream to exterminate blacks has become a reality as it rampages and ravages under the auspices of abortion.

Since eugenics (e.g., abortion) is wholly incongruent with the primary tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion, why is it largely tolerated and fervently supported by DEI professionals? Those sympathetic to abortion, a “procedure” grounded and founded in racism and white supremacy, embrace mindsets that lead to societies being perpetually divided and unequal, with certain individuals or groups being considered “less than” because of their genetic makeup. Rather obviously, these outcomes don’t align with the claimed spirit of DEI.

Consider this conundrum. DEI advocates say they are promoting diversity, striving for equity, and ensuring inclusion for all. Their position means taking a stand against any form of racism or targeted violence. DEI advocates should, therefore, act against discrimination and systemic injustices that disproportionately affect African Americans or any other marginalized groups.

Yet DEI advocates almost universally support Planned Parenthood, an organization that has long targeted the black and brown communities with abortions that eliminate their children; this comports with schemes of the KKK rather than counteracting them.

Darwin created dilemmas that fundamentally undermine humanity by ignoring the inherent value of every individual. DEI professionals must recognize that eugenics/abortion undermines humanity by promoting discrimination, limiting human potential, and denying the inherent value of every individual. Such results contradict what DEI is supposed to stand for.

Yet because DEI is enmeshed with Darwinism and Marxism, most companies and DEI professionals fully support Darwin’s racist white supremacist scheme of abortion. Support for abortion is antithetical to the spirit and fundamental tenets of DEI. Any DEI professional who operates with integrity and steadfast commitment to their DEI role must, therefore, reject any harmful ideology supporting abortion and instead celebrate the diversity and potential of all human beings.

Just a few DEI dilemmas are presented here, but they are profound and warrant sincere recognition and corrective action. The only way to make sense out of the nonsense of the current DEI paradigm is to immediately reject and denounce Marx/Marxism and associated schemes designed to selectively reduce ethnic populations—a sordid fad now circulating among today’s depopulationist elites.

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