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Written by Hellen Billings
(interview of Neil Mammen)

an interview of Neil Mammen

He said if life is not greater than you, then life has no meaning. If your life ends with you, that’s it. Your life has to be eternal for it to have eternal significance; it has to be based on something eternal, and most of these people are basing their lives on their selves.

If you don’t believe in God, the true God, you will believe in anything, Mr. Mammen said.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Runs Article About Satanic Abortion

Picture of the front page of Cosmopolitan magazine Nov.–Dec. 2023 issue containing the article “Welcome to Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic”. (Helen Billings/The Epoch Times)


By Helen Billings

The women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, in its November–December edition, published an article appearing to support The Satanic Temple’s (TST) abortion clinic and giving instructions for performing a Satanic abortion ritual.

Based in New Mexico, TST’s telehealth clinic is named “The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic,” mocking the Supreme Court justice who wrote the majority opinion in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The clinic is staffed by medical personnel who are Satanists. They provide counseling, abortion pills by mail, and assistance with the Satanic abortion ritual.

The ritual includes taking an abortion pill while reciting words aloud stating that only “one’s own will alone” is important, one should conform to scientific beliefs, and what is aborted is just tissue.

Cosmopolitan claims to be the biggest young women’s media brand in the world, with a Facebook page that has 10 million followers and 10 million likes.

Neil Mammen, the executive vice president of Every Black Life Matters (EBLM), told The Epoch Times his take on the situation.

He said, “So what it’s saying to these teen women is … you should have more sex and have abortions.”

In TST’s view, he said, the unborn child is not a human being, even though they can’t prove 100 percent that it’s not a human being, and they don’t care to have 100 percent proof because they want to kill babies.

On The Satanic Temple’s website, TST claims to be non-theistic and not believe in a physical Satan, yet they have symbols of Satan representing them and hold Black Masses, a traditional satanic ceremony.

“They say they don’t believe in Satan, but that’s a trick that Satan really plays on people: ‘I’m not really there.’ So for the Satanists, who is God? They are God,” Mr. Mammen said. “That is what the Satanists are selling. ‘Look, you can be God, you can be in control of your own destiny, you can do whatever you want,’ and Satan, meanwhile, is just reeling them in. … They’re coming in with all these rituals about self, about me, about whatever it is. But you know what? Life is not about you. Life is much greater than you.”

He said if life is not greater than you, then life has no meaning. If your life ends with you, that’s it. Your life has to be eternal for it to have eternal significance; it has to be based on something eternal, and most of these people are basing their lives on their selves.

If you don’t believe in God, the true God, you will believe in anything, Mr. Mammen said.

Screenshot of the Every Black Life Matters website. (Courtesy of Neil Mammen)

TST’s website states that TST is a religious organization that provides abortion health care. Mr. Mammen said that providing a service to abort babies has nothing to do with religion or health care.

Mr. Mammen said that since the beginning of time, medical care has never been about killing anything. The Hippocratic Oath for doctors includes doing no harm. This is not only an issue about the fetus but also an issue about women.

He said that most women who’ve gone through abortions have experienced trauma years later, and it’s not short-term trauma; it’s long-term trauma. In fact, there are entire counseling organizations dedicated to counseling women who are suffering post-traumatic stress from an abortion way back in their youth.

Mr. Mammen said: “So what is my evidence that the fetus is a human? … Quite simply, it’s got human DNA … different genetic structure, it might even have different blood. And then if it’s part of her body … how come she [the mother] has two brains? Two hearts, four legs, four hands? That’s not part of her body. Whose body is it? Well, it’s not her body.”

He added that 99.8 percent of abortions are done because of the convenience of the mother and that anytime you have sex you are inviting the baby in.

“So it’s very fitting that the Satanists want to bring this back. Why? Because they want to bring back child sacrifice,” he said.

TST has a history of using mockery to get its point across. Mr. Mammen said Justice Alito must be doing something right if they are targeting him.

“I mean, they’re just trolling; they’ve got nothing. If you look at the article, they’re running out of money; nobody’s supporting them; it’s a joke. I mean, c’mon, really?” he said.

Julie Murillo, executive director at the Napa Women’s Center in California, told The Epoch Times that the article sends the wrong message by telling women that aborting their babies is a good idea.

The front entrance sign of the Napa Women’s Center in Napa, Calif., on Dec. 15, 2023. (Helen Billings/The Epoch Times)

Ms. Murillo said: “So many women are making the decision to have an abortion on a moment’s notice, or they feel like they’re in crisis, and then if you don’t help them to think about their choices, then they’re going to make a rash decision and regret it later. We have so many women that come in that regret … killing their babies, and we help them to find hope and healing.”

She thinks the whole idea of TST providing abortion care is a very sad state of affairs. She said that if you’re talking about religion, if you’re religious, than you’re talking about God, and abortion is something that is not talking about God, it’s talking about killing.

TST claims that crisis pregnancy centers and centers like Ms. Murillo’s are fake clinics that exist to deceive patients from having an abortion and are wrong for helping women explore choices other than an abortion, but Ms. Murillo’s experience tells a different story.

She said: “We have 80–85 percent of the women that come to the clinic decide to keep their baby, so it’s an awesome job to be here. It’s great to be able to hold those babies that come in, and be a part of their lives.”

She’s noticed that providing sonograms, counseling, and waiting periods has definitely helped to deter abortion.

She said her center is here to help women have all the facts when it comes to pregnancy. She said they talk with women about abortion options and the safety risks, and everything associated with that. They also talk to women about adoption and keeping the babies, and if a woman is worried about not having enough money or if her family is not supportive, they talk about different ways to help support her.

A room containing baby clothes and supplies at the Napa Women’s Center in Napa, Calif., on Dec. 15, 2023. (Helen Billings/The Epoch Times)


“So we’re definitely not a fake clinic. We talk about real options, and we help real women and their babies,” she said.

TST is also seeking to bypass abortion law in other states under the guise that abortion is protected as a religious belief protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Anna Lulis from the nonprofit March for Life said, “If you’re on the side of Satanists, I’d strongly recommend reconsidering your position.”

Abortion and Racism

Mr. Mammen said abortion is racist because a large percentage of all African Americans have been killed in abortions. There are about 44 million African Americans today, and about 20 million have been killed in abortion. It’s a very racist thing targeting black people by elite whites who want to kill them, he believes.

“And how can I say that? Well, quite simply, 79 percent of all Planned Parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods. Blacks only consist of 13 percent of our population. And yet, why are 79 percent in those black neighborhoods?” he said.

Mr. Mammen has heard the argument that black neighborhoods need this abortion care and that’s why the clinics are there, so they’re just going to where they’re needed. He said Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about black people and is focused on the money it gets from the government and from insurance for the abortions it performs.

He said you can’t find a more racist white supremacist than Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood. He said Planned Parenthood gave Hillary Clinton the Margaret Sanger award. He said that’s like getting the Hitler award, and personally he wouldn’t want one.

He said EBLM, the organization of which he is executive vice president, is the righteous and faithful alternative to Black Lives Matter (BLM). He said, yes, there is a racist attack on the blacks, but trust me, it’s not by the conservatives, it’s by the progressives who have been attacking the black family—trying to destroy them, creating victim mentality, removing the father from the family, trying to lessen their educational opportunities, and trying to lessen their chances of getting jobs.

Mr. Mammen said abortion is also a depopulation idea, and it was brought about by a group of people, mainly Marxist, who wanted to depopulate the world. He also mentioned Bill Gates and the idea to bring the population of the world back down to 500 million people. Mr. Mammen said one of the ways to do that is with abortion, starting with targeting black people.

He said Charles Darwin was a supreme racist and wrote a book called “The Origin of Species: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” on how Mr. Darwin believed we need to stop the less favored races from overtaking the world.

Mr. Mammen said Margaret Sanger was convinced by this book that black people and Hispanic people were going to take over the world, and so she would go to KKK meetings and talk to them, saying that we need to stop this from happening.

He said Margaret Sanger had a program in which she would offer to pay black ministers to go around and convince black people to come to her abortion clinics, which were deceptively named Planned Parenthood. He said that Planned Parenthood of New York finally disavowed Margaret Sanger for being a racist.

Mr. Mammen said that abortion was really a man’s idea. Through abortion, these not-so-good men in society could have sex with as many women as they want and never get married to them, never commit to them, never become fathers to the kids, use them, abuse them, and just do whatever they want.

He said his website has an entire article on how to refute abortion arguments without using the Bible. He added that he uses the Bible, but in reality, you don’t need to use the Bible to refute abortion.

He said there are a lot of atheists, pagans, witches, and gay people who believe that abortion is evil. He said it’s not a white Christian thing; it’s that everybody who has any common sense can see that abortion is wrong, and they argue that and lay it out in a logical and rational way.


Helen Billings is a Certified Western Herbalist, and has studied Holistic Nutrition and Homeopathy. She is a reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she covers California news.

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