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If I were the devil …

Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

The schemes of the devil never cease. Since we know his overarching evil motivations are to kill, steal and destroy, we should spot and call out what he is doing in this present age.

If I were the devil …

Satan’s ongoing schemes make clear why and how he is strategically and aggressively targeting our children. Going “woke” and staying silent while they are infected and destroyed by demonic schemes means we are snubbing God’s warning.

An all-time favorite broadcast of mine is Paul Harvey’s “If I were the Devil” (broadcast 1965). At the time, Mr. Harvey’s punchy, dark soliloquy was considered a hyperbolic dystopian fantasy about the future condition of America; some dismissed it as Mr. Harvey being a provocateur and great “humorist.”

Times have certainly changed. What was dismissed as dystopian humor at the time has now turned into accurate prophecy! Viewing the trends and events in today’s America, we can confirm either Mr. Harvey was prescient – or he was keenly aware and sensitive to the wiles of the devil.

The schemes of the devil never cease. Since we know his overarching evil motivations are to kill, steal and destroy, we should spot and call out what he is doing in this present age. Fundamentally, we see he is not only releasing unfathomable demonism and chaos, but he is also aggressively targeting his evil schemes and chaos toward one strategic segment: our children!

Taking Paul Harvey’s tack toward visualizing current schemes targeting children, consider:

  • If I were the devil, I’d make sure to deprive children of any innocence as early as possible by exposing them to sex and perversions via educational systems (school/classroom teaching), indeed encouraging children to engage in sexual “experimentation” and vulnerability to perversions that will last their lifetime!
  • If I were the devil, I would confuse children about their God-given biological sex, by affirmatively teaching children gender is a personal “choice” (as opposed to God ordained) with over 100+ gender “choices,” to foment their confusion and rebellion against God’s natural order and nature.
  • If I were the devil, I would further confuse children about race/racism; I would use CRT and other schemes to instill guilt and shame so they ultimately reject the “all men created equal” vision, and instead become self-loathing and “guilted” into believing they are cursed (if they’re white) and victimized and oppressed (if they are black). Children will learn to accept or reject themselves and others based on skin color alone! “Ha … Masterful!” Satan would exult.
  • If I were the devil, I would seduce teachers and parents into become “woke” allies who embrace and promote a new revolutionary order designed to pressure them into all of the schemes against their children (including early “advanced” sex education, sexual experimentation, “gender-bending,” and guilting and shaming via CRT/racism “sensitivity” based solely on skin color). With parent’s complicity deceived, the children will be locked into a new life filled with confusion, vulnerabilities, chaos, aggression, and a lack of trust in God. That’s my ultimate goal, after all, and I – the devil – am already reaping a bountiful harvest within this rising generation …. Ha!

The above bullets in the devil’s arsenal highlight only a few demonic schemes currently targeted at our children. They make clear why and how he has strategically targeted the young and most innocent among us. These examples reflect worldwide trends; they are not extreme, or exaggerations but are currently happening and accelerating! This is the current trend, and it is not decreasing. What may not be apparent is why the demonic realm seems so intensely focused on children. This answer is: Satan’s goal is to groom and unleash a “God-resistant” generation.

Think about it. The earlier children come to know and experiment with sex, the more opportunity for pornography, sex exploitation, sex confusion, and any manner of entrenched addictions to take root. Addictions make it more difficult to submit to (or even believe in) a loving God. Likewise, if children come to think they or their friends are “trapped” in the wrong body, this automatically infers that God makes “mistakes.” When you think God is not perfect and “all-knowing” but instead makes many mistakes by relegating many to the “wrong body,” it’s easy to decide God doesn’t deserve love, respect, or to be obeyed.

Matt 18:6 reminds us: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” We are in a time and season that God is looking for remnant warriors to stand firm against the wiles of our enemy. Going “woke” and staying silent while our children are infected and destroyed by demonic schemes means we are snubbing God’s warning – and He will hold us fully accountable.


Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is concerned for all children, but especially those who (proportionally) make up the largest population of those relegated to public/government-run schools. EBLM encourages all parents to get involved in the education of their children. Doing so may help preserve and save their eternal souls, as they become God-sensitive and God-loving – not God-resistant.

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