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One America News interviews Kevin about Black Lives Matter (BLM) apparent malfeasance!

I have received many requests for interviews to help shed light and provide insight and perspective on BLM’s apparent massive fraud that saw $100,000,000+ go to political organizations, family members, and the purchase of multiple mansions. My latest interview is with Dan Ball at One America News; Dan and I discuss the incongruence of BLM’s influx of massive donations while neglecting to use those funds to help ease many areas of disproportionate Black plight affecting Black communities

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A response to the actions today at the Capitol in DC on Jan 6th.

I have always maintained the right of all people including BLM and Antifa to peacefully assemble, to peacefully protest, and to even peaceably protest with acts of Civil Disobedience. This is a tried and true and blessed tactic, it has been practiced by Indians led by Gandhi, Americans led by MLK, and Christians led by the early church fathers, but it must be done without any destruction of property or any violence towards people or property and without the violation of any moral laws.

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Is BLM the newest religion

The core issue is, should we stand with organizations that promote unfettered hatred and violence as part of its respective creed and tactics? Or stand against such organizations? Dietrich Bonheoffer reminds us, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

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Repent or Reform - Blog post

Reform or Repent

Reform or Repent Written by our Guest Author, Kevin Metcalf By Kevin Metcalf “Behavior Reform is far simpler than reforming the justice system, and the benefits are immediate. It puts […]

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The Racism and Reprobation of ICONIC MARXISTS!

While society is denigrated about its inherent collective racism due to ingrained “white privilege” and Capitalism, the people preaching such grotesque assertions wholly embrace ideologies of some of the most […]

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The biggest issued ignored by the BLM movement Kevin McGary speaks with Drea Humphrey about the biggest issue ignored by the Black Lives Matter movement. FULL REPORT from Drea Humphrey:… Rebel News: Telling the other side […]

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EBLM confronts Antifa and BLM in San Francisco

Every Black life confronts Antifa and BLM At a recent rally on the SF Golden Gate Bridge, I had the opportunity to stand with many others concerned with the direction […]

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