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How does the “religion” of Black Lives Matter matter?

Written by Co-Founder, Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

The core issue is, should we stand with organizations that promote unfettered hatred and violence as part of its respective creed and tactics? Or stand against such organizations? Dietrich Bonheoffer reminds us, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Is BLM the newest religion?

A new religion

There is a new “religion” on the emergence! This new religion subtly seeks to captivate all of culture and society using racial dogma. Though it doesn’t align to the Bible, it seems to have seduction levels and appeal to those claiming to be “religious” people of Faith. Hillary Clinton deemed this emerging cultural phenomenon as “very profoundly a theological statement.” 

Fundamentally, this new religious-like theology is grounded in one primary distinction; “race!”  To be sure, it mandates that all its adherents “worship” skin color. It states that skin color (alone) makes some people superior, while others are relegated to being wholly irredeemable and inferior. The new “religion” that Hillary and so many others have promoted as an emerging theology, is the “religion” of Black Lives Matter (BLM).  BLM is undergirded in neo-Marxist cultural themes of “equity,” Social Justice, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Liberation theology (LT), and therefore it grotesquely antithetical and inadequate. With the use of divinations/incantations/witchcraft, unfettered violence, pro-choice doctrines, and destruction of the nuclear family as some of it’s founding principles, how can BLM be deemed “profoundly theological” and embraced with religious-like fervor? The answer is, BLM’s continued rise is largely due to media-generated hype and radical changes within the American culture.

Secular influence

To accelerate BLM, the media creates “shocking” narratives about race & racism in America (mostly purposeful propaganda); in doing so, the mind, will and emotions of the American public can be manipulated to the extent it generates “religion-like” fervor and momentum. When culture rapidly changes without pushback or intervention from “people of Faith,” it encourages the move away from Absolute truth. Without Absolute truth, justice and righteousness can be easily displaced and overtaken in deference to cultural relativism. In essence, when people of Faith decline to take a public stand to impact culture appropriately, cultural phenomena like BLM can take root and thrive.

The vacuum created by a lack of moral clarity among the general public and those unwilling to take a stand for Absolute truth allows BLM to captivate the hearts and minds of “the masses.” Social pressures are then idolized and many begin to socially preen about being culturally “woke”. When this happens, “even the elect” begin to willingly confer personal allegiance to this exploding “religion.”

To be sure, the emerging BLM religion has had such a profound impact on our current culture that most theological seminaries now teach and infuse variations of social justice, CRT and LT into the curriculum! With large major institutions, media, academia, and even theological institutions accepting the emergent new religion of BLM, BLM will likely continue its momentous ascension unless and until “people of Faith” really get “woked-up!”

Who will stand up?

The theology of BLM has great momentum, but it is not unstoppable. Moral people with a conscience have to take a stand. Under the banner of BLM, we have seen hatred, beatings, murders/threats and shootings targeted at law enforcement, and countless calls for violence against “White people” (generally). Regrettably, we haven’t seen much denouncement or rejection of BLM. Why? Are acts that target violence against innocent individuals, law enforcement, and businesses “good” or “evil?” Why haven’t people of Faith (and respective Clergy) taken a stand against it?

The core issue is, should we stand with organizations that promote unfettered hatred and violence as part of its respective creed and tactics? Or stand against such organizations? Dietrich Bonheoffer reminds us, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” That said, the answer to overcoming cultural degradation is not to remain silent! We can mitigate the trend toward cultural rot and apostasy by counteracting BLM’s corrosive theology.

Let’s stand together (in unity) in denouncement of all acts of hatred and violence. 

If we remain silent, BLM has the possibility of permanently framing racial divisions and hate as a baseline in American culture. Balkanization and irredeemable divisions based on skin color will rule in America, not liberty and justice for all!  If this happens, BLM would target many more innocent people for abuse, violence, and vicious assaults based on skin color. This kind of targeting would ultimately make “racial unrest” commonplace. The old axiom says, “united we stand, divided we fall.” If Americans are divided, we will indeed fall!  What should we do? How do we answer this emerging force? The answer is simple but it takes courage.

We must reject cultural “wokeism” and wholly embrace our moral and Faith-based principles.

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is the counter-balance and antidote to the current “religious-like” fervor of BLM adherents. We reject emerging negative cultural trends while encouraging the embrace of Faith foundations. To help heal our social ills, we wholly reject neo-Marxist ideologies and give precedence to well-established transcendental truths like righteousness, justice and the call to unity. When we see bigotry, violence, and hatred used to justify others’ targeting based on skin color, we stand against it; we stand against all evils! EBLM discerns we are living through very precarious times, so we are committed to helping moral/people of Faith (and Clergy) to take their rightful place as a remnant force who unapologetically stands against all evil. When we stand together, we can truly begin to reconcile and unify.

Unlike BLM and any other neo-cultural theological movements, EVERY Black LIFE Matters is not a new “religion” or theology. We stand for basic human principles and Absolute truths that have been proven to unify and reconcile (over millennia’s), like “love your neighbor as yourself.”  This should be our guiding principle and primary tenet for coming together, not a focus racial dogma.

EBLM is standing with and for all humanity;

we are with you….

Are you with us?

Join us!

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