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Every Black life confronts Antifa and BLM

At a recent rally on the SF Golden Gate Bridge, I had the opportunity to stand with many others concerned with the direction of the Country and the plight of Black communities.

The zeal of patriotic Americans willing to peacefully assemble and take a stand against riots and unfettered chaos happening in our streets is confirmation that America is experiencing an awakening.  People, of all ages, wearing patriotic symbols of Red, White and Blue were present at this peaceful march across the bridge. But, as you would expect during these chaotic times, a significant law enforcement presence was also on hand.  And we were delighted they were!

Upon our return from the march across the Golden Gate Bridge, Antifa and BLM counter-protesters/anarchists were vying for a fight. Due to gratuitous police presence, their shouts and bullying antics were muted, but their attempts at intimidation were not. They surrounded the area, held their fists up high (mostly in silence) and just blankly stared or scowled.  What was interesting about this group of miscreants, is they were all very young (early to mid 20’s).  There was only 1 Black among them, and they all seemed to share the same sad and pathetic disposition…Nihilistic resignation.

With a sincere desire to hear and understand the motley crew of counter-protesters, I confronted both groups (self identifying Antifa and BLM), and asked them

 “Does Every Black LIFE Matter?”

(I was wearing my Every Black Life Matters t-shirt) They resoundingly retorted yes! Then I turned around to expose my shirt confirming that standing for Every Black Life Matters means: “REAL Justice from womb to tomb,” “nuclear family,” “active Fatherhood,” “free markets,” and “educational choice.” Then I confirmed, “if Black LIFE really matters to you, you need to be standing with me!” They were left flummoxed…Dumbfounded…stricken and conflicted. None of them had an answer. I was able to further engage a couple of them. But they really had no way to answer or address to obvious conflict of their movement (when compared to Every Black Life Matter pillars).

I summarize, “Every Black Life Matters” is a profound statement and principled movement. It can help adroitly address many of the issues confronting the Black community and the nationally riots and chaos. Most importantly, it can help promote conversations that will at least encourage a “pause” with those who are in sincere search for answers (even while they may be standing with anarchists).  That said, lets spread the word…



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