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Reform or Repent

Written by our Guest Author, Kevin Metcalf

Retired Police Officer Kevin Metcalf

By Kevin Metcalf

“Behavior Reform is far simpler than reforming the justice system, and the benefits are immediate. It puts the individual in the control of their own lives and not at the whim of political caprice. “

Reform or Repent

Repent or Reform - Blog post

I appreciate Sir Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal for displaying the courage to speak honestly against the stupid idea popular among Marxists and far-left liberals to defund the police. Like burning down your own neighborhood, it’s yet another example of radical black elites leading black culture further towards self-destruction while guilty white liberals cheer them on. I hope Barkley and O’Neal can stand firm in their convictions.

However, I disagree With Sir Charles, that prison or justice reform is the immediate need for blacks.

That’s not to say that the justice system is perfect. Far from it. What I am saying is that anyone who thinks the justice or penal system can ever be free of flaws, error, or the ever subjective term, inequity, is simply deluding themselves. 

In fact, if history is any indication, I expect that in any organization of human beings, errors, flaws and inequity will be quite common.

There is a better solution; Behavior Reform.

Fatherly Advice: Reaping and Sowing

When I was early in my teen years; about the time my circle of friends began to grow beyond the immediate neighborhood, my dad pulled me aside for a brief word. In a bit of a non-sequitur, he said, “Y’know, if the police ever call me to tell me they have you in custody and want me to come pick you up, I’m going to tell them, I don’t know who you are, and hang up the phone.” Dad went on to say, “‘Cause, If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, the police ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout you. So, if they got you, I’m going to assume you weren’t doing what you were supposed to be doing, and you’re on your own.”

My father was making it clear, in his distinct and unequivocal way, that my actions have consequences. He was telling me that I need to focus on my actions before the consequences of my actions. It was my behavior that determined my success or failure, not ‘the system’. If I behaved properly, ‘the system’ wouldn’t be my concern.

This is the wisdom of a man who was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1932, moved to LA in the early ’60s. Unlike many of today’s radical blacks and white liberals, my father understands racism and discrimination.

Repentance: In The Drivers Seat

You have control over you. You don’t have control over the justice system.

Behavior Reform is far simpler than reforming the justice system, and the benefits are immediate. It puts the individual in the control of their own lives and not at the whim of political caprice. You get to decide whether you ever even fall into the hands of the justice system by choosing what you will and will not do, thereby rendering any failures of the justice system moot.

Choices like going to the library to study rather than get high with your ‘friends’. Choices like looking for a job instead of looking for a house to burglarize. Like paying bills instead of getting ‘payback’ from the guy who ‘dissed’ you. Like getting married before having kids or at least staying in their lives even if you don’t get on with mom. Or cooperating with the lawful request of the police.

Behavior Reform is what is called repentance in the bible. It just means changing your mind. Not like deciding to get a hamburger instead of pizza. It means to think differently about what you’ve been doing and what you should do instead in the future.

There’s a whole host of behavior reforms that you can make at this very moment, all of which are statistically and historically proven to keep you out of the jailhouse and the poorhouse. And you don’t have to wait for your public official or political representative to lobby, or pass laws, or whatever else they say they’re doing for you.

Besides, do you think a law will or should be passed making it okay to steal or shoot at the police? Do you really think laws making it easier for you to get high all the time really in your best interest? I certainly don’t.

Having and Eating Cake: Life without Consequence

It seems that today’s black radical Marxists and the guilty liberal left are telling you something when they focus on justice reform over behavior reform.

Blacks are saying, we don’t want to be held responsible or criticized for anything we do. And guilty white liberals are telling you that they will not criticize or hold blacks accountable for anything they say or do. That, they will go on to say, is racism.

When a black man is killed or injured by the police, the very mention that it could have been avoided if he cooperated, or didn’t resist arrest, or wasn’t intoxicated, is automatically deemed racist.

Unfortunately, all of our actions will be judged. No one can escape it by calling it racist.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

So rather than changing the cause of being subject to the justice system, the solution of the radical black elite and the guilty liberal left is to, say it with me, “change the system”.

Will some old politicians keep their control over black voters? Yep. Will some new politicians get elected by expressing sympathy for the ‘plight of blacks’? Certainly. How about policy and law changes? Most likely.

But will any of that keep you out of the ‘system’ (even a ‘changed’ system), if you continue to violate the law? Nope.

In America today, 65% of all law enforcement personnel are part of some minority group. Minorities are the majority. And still, the justice system is not quite right. Will it ever be? I’m not holding my breath.

I’m going with behavior reform.

By Kevin Metcalf

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