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You Believe “All Lives Matter?” “Every Life Matters?” Great …You Must Believe “Every Black Life Matters!”

Kevin McGary 

By Kevin McGary

The name of EBLM always grabs attention and that gives us opportunities to teach and share the truth.

You Believe “All Lives Matter?”
“Every Life Matters?” Great …
You Must Believe “Every Black Life Matters!”

It seems almost every day someone asks: Why does your group focus on “Black lives” instead of “all lives”? Here’s the explanation.

As Founders of Every Black Life Matters, Neil Mammen and I travel the country meeting thousands of people from all walks of life. The myriad crowds of people we meet are generous, loving, caring, gracious and quite accepting of our message of unity and oneness. They comment our message is refreshing compared to prevailing messages filled with division and hatred that too often dominate cultural and social spheres of influence.

In our presentations and conversations, we frequently quote the Holy Bible (God is not a respecter of persons and rejects “partiality”). We quote the Declaration of Independence (“all men are created equal…”). We quote Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King (judge not based on color of skin but “on content of character”).  Sometimes publicly, sometimes privately, people ask us: “Why did you choose to focus on race (black) when you chose your group’s name? Isn’t that “partial?” “Doesn’t that still divide?” “Aren’t things equal now?” “Shouldn’t we move on instead of connoting a power structure based on race?”

These are all perfectly reasonable questions! On the surface, them seem to be quite straight forward. They challenge us to either defend our name, or repent for violating a central principle of our organization. Precisely because we are a principled organization and these are great questions deserving an answer, let’s have that discussion!

It is because Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) firmly knows and declares the truth – all lives matter – that we strategically decided to name ourselves Every Black Life Matters. We realized that “all things are not equal” because of Margret Sangers’ diabolical strategies to “exterminate the negro population” (Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margret Sanger, said these words and worked nonstop to achieve that goal). Installing policies and promoting mindsets toward reducing or eliminating a targeted population of people having certain characteristics is the definition of advocating genocide.  Aiming to wipe out certain kinds of people is the direct opposite of “loving one’s neighbor,” “treating everyone equal under the law,” and “judging all individual humans by their character.”

Sanger advocated genocide; her targets were Black people. The Bible teaches all humans must defend the oppressedand rebuke the oppressor (Isa. 1:17).  All humans owe this duty to each other, regardless of race or other characteristic. As Rev. Dr. King said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The idea that targeting people for elimination is an idea that plays no favorites; any group can be victimized. Sanger targeted Black people; the evil she personified threatens everyone and harms everyone.  Defending Black people against genocide equates to defending everyone – all lives matter.

To date, Sanger’s strategies have regrettably been masterfully carried out. The numbers are undeniable: Black babies make up over 40% of abortions, while blacks only represent approximately 13% of the U.S. population. The heavy disproportional strategic targeting of this community is obvious. The death-targeting of this one group shows there is no “level playing field”; the Black community is starting from a position of “less than zero” in this arena. Therefore, the name Every Black Life Matters is not a statement that connotes “power” or superiority, it is simply designed to put focus on the fact that to the extent that “all lives matter”/ “every life matters,” we must preeminently focus on the targeted extermination of Blacks before they can be born. To get that focus, it is only logical to confirm Every Black Life matters!

EBLM aims to shine the bright lights of truth on the specific plight involved. We point out how abortion is the ultimate “barrier to entry” into American society.  We show how Blacks are systematically restrained from educational success that could be possible with options to choose among public and private school for children.  Those are two main features in society that show “all things are not equal” – we should not dismiss this reality.  We believe only those who fully recognize these persistent Progressive racist strategies definitively attacking the Black community, and yet choosing to be dismissive and insensitive with these notable areas of plight, are the true racists of our times.

EBLM is strategically using our moniker and messages to finally make a difference in the areas of real plight in the community that has been suffering the most plight for decades (notably due to Progressive Leftist policies and strategies). It’s time for us to unify in providing real solutions.

The name of EBLM always grabs attention and that gives us opportunities to teach and share the truth. EBLM is standing firm and calling out all the racists at Planned Parenthood, and all racist policies that disproportionally target and cause harm to communities of color. Planned Parenthood, proliferation of “critical race theory” and associated programs are existential threats to our country. EBLM is your partner to stand against these threats and combat the culture and prevailing narratives. Our moniker is our strength! You are our strength! Together we are strong united and making a tremendous difference…Please join us!


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Deacon George

November 21, 2021

Had I not seen the OAN interview I had no idea you existed. As a black member of Catholic clergy, your perspective certainly fits into part of the narrative I profess. I look forward to seeing more from you…, blessings!


November 21, 2021

People of color need hope of a better life and abortions will decrease. Until we tackle that problem nothing changes.

Rodney Darville

November 21, 2021

I heard Kevin on James Dobson tonight. My brother where have you been. I have been exactly what you are so eloquently sharing. Reach out, I am a minister and on the board of directors for a pregnancy center in Virginia.

Isabel Minaker

November 21, 2021

I just heard Kevin talk on Tom Hughes program. Thank you for what you shared. The truth is so beautiful, isn’t it? And the counterfeit of Satan is so ugly and repulsive. Keep sharing! Keep fighting the good fight! May the Lord continue to enlarge your ministry.


November 21, 2021

why can’t the margaret sanger connection to hillary clinton and the Democrat party be more well known, god bless

Drew Gierman

November 21, 2021

Although my skin is white and I was only 10 yrs old at the time Rev MLK’s dream speech became my viewpoint that I have lived by and added to it over time,merits and does the persons words and actions match. I saw and heard you speak on RAV. I agree with the points you made. I am an America First voter. I believe in equal justice and opportunity for all.

Cate Barton

November 21, 2021

Thank You! Keep Fighting The Good Fight!

God Bless!

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