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This list is comprised of concerned citizens who signed on to support EBLM's Open Letter to MLB


BlakeColoradoIt’s time to stop playing politics and do what is right.  If you only support some black lives, but not all black lives, you are part of the problem of racism.
MaryFlorida Please return the All Star Game to Georgia. Your decision to cancel it in Georgia is seriously hurting those who you want to help. You are in essence being racist! Are you strong enough to right a wrong decision?
JoanWABecause of your action in moving the  All Star game I do not plan to watch any baseball this season unless you reconsider and bring the game back to Atlanta.  This action is an economic hit to a city that has a majority population of people of color. Every American should be concerned that their right to vote is protected by laws ensuring that each legal vote counts. Each person who cast a legal vote is disenfranchised buy an illegal vote.
johnPAWhoever made this decision should be most ashamed of themselves.thanks
MargaretPAEveryone has a photo ID which most likely is a government issued ID; driver’s licenses are the most obvious, but I’m sure there’s a government ID to obtain welfare benefits, unemployment.  Just about everything we do requires us show an ID,  so why is it so much to ask for one to vote? That is not racist at all. MLB, I’m sure that everyone who enters a stadium to work there along with all the players, managers, media etc all have to show an ID to enter.  But not to require one to vote? Your pulling out of Atlanta is foolish and was based on misinformation of what was in that piece of legislation. If you were so upset about the voter ID issue why are you going to Denver where voter ID is required in that state?  Let’s see, ummm Denver has a greater white population, so are you implying that in Georgia the blacks aren’t capable of getting government ID’s? Like they don’t have drivers’ licenses? Talk about racist!  And what a slap in the face to all minorities. Support voter integrity.

It would be better to see you disengage yourself from China and the CCP than to move out of Atlanta.

Stay out of politics! Any organization, sports,  business, actors, musicians  who services the general population needs to stay out of politics this also includes standing with or supporting  Marxists organizations like BLM.  You loose a percentage of your business to those who don’t agree with you and will boycott you.  No MLB for me. Sorry Phillies.  Won’t watch it or attend any games. In closing,

I wonder if all of those in this organization known as MLB agree with your actions?  How many players, general managers, coaches, referees, broadcasters, equipment managers, etc  believe that voter ID is important?  Bet you never asked, just bowed down to the Radical Leftist and their crazy racist accusations.

SharonILElection fraud harms everyone.  Participation in political processes by major businesses also harms everyone.  Honor the good sense of US citizens and keep to your business.  Stay out of politics.
JeannieGAI have always been an Atlanta Braves fan and now I am so ashamed of the way they have done their home town and mine. Guys you took jobs from people that really need them in this day and time. I hope you are proud of yourselves because I am not. I just don’t know what to say except I am very disappointed in you guys for what you did.
MaryCaliforniaAmericans need to see integrity in how MLB represents its values.  The decision to move the Allstar game from Atlanta is a statement of cowardice while caving to political pressures that hurt Americans, America’s economy and the game of baseball.  Baseball is losing.  Where is the courage that the great Jackie Robinson showed?  He was a hero!  MLB is the loser.  A sad choice to  move out of Atlanta!
Cheryl LCAPlease read through Georgia’s new voting law and be honest and remain rational.  If you are honest, you will find that the law expands and protects the right of Georgia voters to participate in the election process. Please do not be driven by political agenda and have compassion on the working class people of the communities who will be adversely affected by the removal of MLB-related activities. 
DonnaALI ask that you consider people of color who will lose a job opportunity or a seat at the ballgame because of your decision. Adding Jackie Robinson to MLB in 1948 was perhaps your best accomplishment along with providing opportunities to the black community to showcase extraordinary talent. This is a sad commentary on this nation and what was our national pastime. 
AmbikaSingaporeWhen a word can be spoken to right a wrong, that opportunity MUST be taken. You have done that. For this I praise The Good Lord!!
ChristinaOklahomaIll never watch or support or contribute to MLB ever again
MarkOhioPlease don’t jump on political bandwagons, but serve the country by just being the outstanding  sport you can be.
Brian Maryland  
LaurenPAPlease reconsider. Following the woke cry isn’t always right. 
JonathanIlThese laws passed in Georgia are not designed to suppress voters. They are designed to combat voter fraud. There is nothing racist about making elections secure. This will actually help black votes not be canceled out by illegal votes. Thank you for the work you have done in breaking the race barrier. The MLB began its efforts before the civil rights movement which is applaudable. I know these are confusing times and it seems like some of these political groups mean well, but racial justice is not their goal. Examination of their policies and efforts will reveal that.
Holly Arkansas 
PaulRIMLB do not make America’s Past-time past its time. It is time for MLB to stand up for the votes of all Americans.  Do not let cancel culture cancel democracy too.
MichelleCOBaseball has always been my favorite sport but since you’ve decided to add politics to the sport I haven’t watched it. I’ve already cancelled my MLB membership for the year and will not be watching baseball again this year. Leave the politics out of baseball and I’ll watch again, but until that happens I’m done with MLB. Shame on all of you that made this decision. 
Nina California BLM bring the game back to Georgia! Make Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson and all Georgians, who  love Major League Baseball

Proud again!

You are hurting the people you profess to be helping!

Nina Pellegrini 
JoeNew YorkOnce Again the Liberals Hurt the Black Communities Sports should just stick to Sports The American People don’t need you to tell us how to run Our Lives or Our Country If you find the need to do this go to some Commie Country See how far you’ll get After Sixty Year’s I have not watched or gone to a Sporting Event and I don’t plan to All True American’s should Boycott you
Rebecca Idaho Please consider the facts and reverse the direction you are taking baseball.  I would also ask that you read the bill before you condemn it.  This bill protects voter integrity.  
RPAWhat this letter states much more eloquently is the racism against all regular people of all colors. This is really a sad time in history where we are seeing the breakdown of our society and nation by wealthy elite people who are unaffected by the suffering they are perpetrating asthey consider themselves superior to the people of the United States and basically the world. I pray for your souls, that somehow you would hear the good news of our savior. Thank you.
SusanGeorgia I am no longer an MLB fan.  What you did to the state of Georgia is like bullying us into submission.  My husband and I refuse to be bullied.  I am 100% behind our new election laws.

Showing ID to vote is not racist.  It is fair and just.
ErinNebraskaI am an avid Cleveland Indians fan and I’m am shocked and appalled at your decision to move the All Star Game from a community that is nearly half minority to a community that has a minuscule minority percentage. Your actions make no sense when one uses logic and reasoning, and will actually hurt minorities more than the Georgia bill ever will.
DeborahCalifornia I also ask you to reconsider your decision. The will take a brave group of people, but I believe you can restore our belief is America’s pastime. 
HowardCAIt is time for the woke racists to take their blinders off and stop being afraid of standing up for America and Americans. 
CNew YorkPlease have someone in your organization actually read the new law. It does not keep people from voting! It increases confidence in the election process! 
And please don’t hurt the very city you are pretending to care about! By taking the revenue from the city, you are hurting the people who actually live there!
TomWIYou are doing so much harm to Georgians and the sport in general. Where is Fay Vincent when you need him?
JeffTexasPlease reconsider your decision based on what Kevin McGary has stated.
KatherineNYI was a diehard Yankees fan for over 50+ years and I no longer watch them or any other sport since BLM took over the franchises! If George were still alive he never would have allowed these Communists to threaten him he would have stood up to these terrorists!! So I fill my time doing other meaningful things like praying,reading the Bible! God help the USA!!
StephanieNJStop playing politics and Play Ball!!!
BerniceCAPolitical correctness should not be your guiding light, but rather integrity and true compassion for the disenfranchised!
Virginia New York  
Misael New York  
RebeccaGeorgiaMLB please don’t be hypocritical, please don’t claim to be leaving Georgia because of voting policies that protect ALL LEGAL VOTES. You stood up for equality in baseball in the past, continue that legacy by standing up for equality in voting. And speak up for those who want to protect ALL LEGAL VOTES!
JCaDo not bend down to will of those wishing to cause tension and disharmony in our country. You are only hurting those people that you say you want to hrlp
JenniferTXSupport the lives of the people who make your organization a success. Don’t sell them out to “woke” politics. Every black life matters.
SIMONORThe wokeness of the MLB has driven me away from watching or supporting something that I truly liked to watch. Thanks for ruining that for me when the last year has been super crappy for me. Since living in a freedom hating state of OREGON has been a real drag. Baseball when I could watch was a fun escape. Not anymore. MLB would of had my full support if the organization actually stood up against this hateful small crowd with a loud voice. 
LisaCaliforniaI agree with the sentiments of the open letter to MLB and am sad that MLB is not willing to take a stand against current “popular” opinion to do what is right.
GinaCaliforniaI wont be allowing MLB in my home anymore.  I am disgusted by your cowardice and perpetuation of flat-out lies about Georgia’s effort to protect election integrity.  The failure to analyze the impact of your decision on black people, who will be disproportionately harmed by the loss of revenue, demonstrates your actions are pure virtue signaling.  The American people are choking on your woking with your corporate knee on our necks, suffocating the breath of American liberty, justice, and equality for all.   Along with the decision to paint BLM on the mounds, you’ve earned yourself a new motto, the All-Marxist sport. 
francineUnited Statesyour lack of understanding voter rules/changes is astounding….please reconsider your actions, you are not impressing anyone, it is depressing instead…to think that in this day and age you are stepping backwards!  we the people deserve more.
Gerald WiStop with using your platform to make political statements that negatively impact the people you think you stand for. 
Laura CA 
AGA – Georgia 
ChrisCAI can’t believe MLB would make such a rash decision without actually reading the new law.

You took $190 Million away from a community that is 51% Black, and moved it to a community that is 6% Black, to add insult to injury.

Please reconsider your decision. I will not ba able to support MLB if you continue to be so biased and unthoughtful
Joanne Illinois Play baseball and stop with politics.   Help the black community.  
GregILAddress your rush to judgement.  Move the allstar game back to Atlanta. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.
HeatherGeorgiaAt this time of deep division in our country, the MLB had the opportunity to show that people from vastly different backgrounds can work and play together and that baseball is something that can bring joy to all of us.  I am deeply saddened that the MLB chose to take the side of progressive politics and big capitalism in pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta.
LORIn moving the game from GA, in order to protest their new voting laws, you are hurting the people you CLAIM to want to help.  I think you are wrong in your assessment of those voting laws, but you have every right to think what you do. (You do realize that CO has very similar laws, don’t you?)  At the end of the day you are turning people off of your product and you will only hurt yourself.  
JimCaliforniaMLB, you’re listening to the wrong people. You need to listen to the fan, not the fear mongers, race baiters and those ignorant to the the truth. Lebron James, Colin Kaepernick, Stacey Abrams and Al Sharpton do not represent the sentiment of the American people, especially regarding baseball as the National pastime. Reverse this ridiculous decision, or I fear baseball will be irreparably harmed, and fans will not return, much like they did when the season was cancelled in the 90’s. 
MelindaNorth Carolina 
GinnyTexas“It is incredibly disheartening that the historical stance against segregation taken by Major League Baseball is going to be sullied by this cowardly move to withdraw from Georgia.  The same organization that fought it’s way against national sentiment against black people, has turned their back on supporting civil rights.”
I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement by Every Black Life Matters. I hope you (MLB) will reconsider your destructive actions and come back to the community you have hurt and work to better their lives once again. Peace of Christ to all.
SarahMIWords are important but actions are more powerful. MLB’s words say they care about black lives and black communities but their actions say the opposite. 
WilliamTNYour decision is ill-advised, not based on facts and is harmful rather than helpful. Reconsider and bring the game back! If you don’t I will no longer watch MLB.
JillMNPlease respectfully consider this letter.
HMNBaseball is a sport, not a political arena. Just play ball.
StephenFLPlease return the MLB All Star Game to Atlanta.  At the end of a year-long pandemic, business in Atlanta need this economic boon now more than ever, and it is probable many have already made significant investments in anticipation of the event.
DeeFlaYou are losing tons of loyal fans. Including me and my family.
Gerald Colorado Dear MLB. Please reconsider your decision. Making some e prove who they are is not racist. 
SMNSupport the many minority workers in Atlanta  and bring the MLB All-Star game back to Atlanta. 
PaulAZMLB has made a big mistake in moving the All Star game from Atlanta.
BonnieWADear MLB,  I just want you to know how disappointed I was to hear you had pulled the big game from Georgia because of the new election laws.  I totally disagree with your decision as I believe these laws will bring integrity to voting once again and also encourage our black and brown brothers and sisters to know their vote makes a difference.  There was such a need for change in Georgia’s  voting methods after what has been brought to light these past months.  I have always loved baseball but sadly will not be watching any games this season as I cannot support the league after what you have done to Georgia.  You have caused the possibly of many black and brown people having the opportunity for at least some great part-time jobs and of course the revenue that the game would have brought to the state now being lost will hurt many of the most vulnerable.  I am hoping and praying you will reverse your decision.  Thank you for considering this.

F.NevadaMLB,  please do not tarnish your amazing legacy.  Please do the right thing and put the game back in Georgia where it belongs.  Thank you
EvelynOhioI am a Black 67 year young female ….All Black Lives Matter ..
It is very  cowardice of  you to join  with those who are truly racist and  “marxist” and lift your hand and “back-slap”  the entire black community, vendors and businesses of Georgia ( and beyond) who are being disenfranchised , just so you can Be Seen as being in agreement with those who are “woke” or ” against racism” ..You , my sirs and madams appear to be spineless  and Godless persons and are afraid to align your self with “Truth” .. You are believing your own Propaganda . You don’t want to ( and you cant ) take the criticism , you may receive if you stand your ground and stay in Georgia. Blacks are not an inept  people who need you or any of the  woke/ propagabda /lying media/liberal-far leftie/eEitist  to spoon feed us . There are many nany, many who have an idenity beyond the color of our  “skin” and will not allow you to broadly paint-brush us , as needing your skewed view of guidance, protection  and oversight …We have a God that is well  able to do all of that in accuracy and sufficiency  …and that my sir
and/or my madam)  is not You . Thank you very much . Just  do what’s right and stop being driven by  fear and controlled by the puppeteer ..
Just do the “right thing”  , and it very well may be difficult , just try it maybe you’ll gain great contentment ,  respect  and fulfillment . Align  yourself with The Truth of today and The Truth of  The Past  of the  MLB and Jackie Robinson … Truth never changes only people and their ideas of Truth change . Opinions will never triumph over Truth.
BruceTEXASI believe that the actions you are taking proves that you really don’t care about “black lives”. You’re just following a left-wing narrative that is full of lies and deceit.  I applaud Kevin McGary for his courage and honesty. 
As for me, I’m done with MLB
DaleNew Jersey  
ToriFLCardinal Virtues:

1. Reverence for all life

2. Gentleness

3. Kindness

4. Being in service to others

The only thing you can with your life is to give it away — you don’t get to keep it.  Leave ego behind and be in the service of others in one way or another.
EloiseILThank you for your stand; you have spoken truth in this letter. I resent the idea portrayed by the Left that blacks are too ignorant to obtain a valid ID, and are not able to think/read with understand/do anything for themselves. The days are over for Blacks/African Americans to be be passive about our futures and the future of this Republic, to be treated as one’s pet. Please keep addressing the hypocrisy of the “Left” or “Woke” crowd (who are really asleep!). Praying that the message you have written resonates with MLB and many others in GA and the nation.  God bless you! An Illinois concerned citizen of the USA 
LisaOHStop the nonsense!
eddieGA As McGary said: the idea that “blacks are somehow too inept and need special consideration to use the internet to take actions like registering for vaccinations and/or to vote is racist and insulting.
JessicaOhioWe want safe elections. If you want to be heroes offer to assist people in getting IDs and getting to the polls.