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Championing the Worth of Black Lives at Every Step

Written by Contributing Author, Charles Wekesa

By Charles Wekesa

This is not just a slogan; it’s a call to action—a plea for unity in defending the sanctity of life at every stage. Join us in making a lasting difference. God bless you for your courage and commitment to this cause.


It is critical that the statement, “every black life matters” resonates profoundly and universally in the discourse concerning social justice and equality.

This significant assertion functions as a reminder of the inherent worth present in each black person, from the beginning of life to its natural conclusion.

The deliberate termination of unborn black lives, especially at rates that exceed those of other ethnicities, starkly contradicts this fundamental principle. 

Strategic Placement of Abortion Facilities: A Disturbing Trend

Distressingly, data reveals that an approximate 90% of abortion facilities are tactically located within walking distance of predominantly black and brown communities.

This unsettling revelation prompts crucial questions into the rationale behind these specific placements.

 It underscores a distressing inequity: while the population growth rates in black societies lags behind, the presence of these clinics suggests a deliberate targeting that cannot be ignored.

A Stand Against Injustice

At Every Black Life Matters, we confront these disparities head-on, challenging the idea that the incommensurate targeting of black lives for abortion is nothing other than a serious injustice.

It Is contradictory to profess a belief in the sanctity of all human life while endorsing actions and policies that enable the organized decrease of the black populace.

This inconsistency is notably evident in the agendas of certain liberal and progressive factions, which, under the guise of societal progress, prioritize the black community for abortion.   

Increasing Tensions and the Need for Solidarity

The organization ‘Black Lives Matter’ has in the recent past engaged in actions targeting conservative groups at different academic campuses.

This has sparked concerns about the potential for escalated conflict. In response, we urge our supporters and followers to affirm their conviction in the value of every black life, spanning from the unborn to the elderly, as a stance against such divisiveness.

Affirming the Value of Life

Adopting this principle goes beyond simple opposition to specific ideologies; it is an active affirmation that every black life is precious.

This conviction leads us to denounce any targeted black genocide by institution-driven planned parenthood and similar abortion providers. It’s a commitment to uphold equality and equity, ensuring that no black life is deemed expendable.

Promoting Awareness in Everyday Life

We urge you to embody this tenet into your daily interactions. Encourage your peers and relatives to recognize the significance of every black life, contesting the narratives that seek to devalue it.

By doing so, you do more than just resist the beliefs that belittle the value of black lives; but also contribute to a culture that respects and cherishes life at every stage.

A Commitment to Uphold Life’s Sanctity

Joining forces with Every Black Life Matters means standing against the currents of misinformation and hostility.

It’s about championing for a society where the dignity of every black individual is recognized and protected from conception to its innate end.

Such a perspective is vital in the current climate, where the value of life is often subject to political and societal whims.

Conclusion: Moving Forward with Resolve

As we progress, our dedication to the value of every black life should propel us to forge a more equitable and empathetic world.

May our resolve that every black life is of consequence remain firm, as we advocate for measures and mindsets that validate life at every juncture.

Your participation and support in this mission are invaluable. Together, we can counteract the cycles of violence and systemic targeting faced by black communities.

This is not just a slogan; it’s a call to action—a plea for unity in defending the sanctity of life at every stage. Join us in making a lasting difference. God bless you for your courage and commitment to this cause.

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