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Voter Disenfranchisement

Written by Co-Founder, Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

“What is becoming clear is the past cries of voter disenfranchisement was perhaps not about “justice” at the ballot box.  Instead, these tactics were likely used as a cudgel to agitate and divide when their desired outcomes weren’t realized. “

Voter Disenfranchisement: Willful undermining of Every Black Life


It seems we have “seen it all” in 2020! Since the first months of 2020,  we’ve endured a contrived Presidential impeachment, the introduction of an out of control disease/pandemic, economic lockdowns, mandated social distancing and facemasks, riots, chaos, violence and worldwide calamity and deaths on a scale not seen in over 100 years!  With all that the U.S. has already endured –  “What more can go wrong?” Can things get any worse? Regrettably, yes! Through purposeful silencing of our voices and active undermining of our democratic processes, things could get much worse.

Undermining our vote

One of the worst affronts to our collective dignity is the active undermining of our vote, yet we are now witnessing active schemes designed to enshrine voter fraud (the ultimate disenfranchisement) to assure certain prescribed political outcomes. In the past, voter disenfranchisement generally referred to any disproportional barriers that would prevent certain communities from expressing themselves via their vote. Often, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would express outrage about Blacks being disenfranchised when seemingly onerous conditions like voter ID’s and lack of convenient access to voting booths/stations were disproportional as compared to other communities.  While there have been tremendous strides made by all States providing universal and free access to personal identification cards, and wider access to polling places, there continues to a neutralizing factor that still mutes Black voices and Black choices in every election. The epitome of Black voter disenfranchisement is when Black votes are muted (not properly weighed and counted) because they are “neutralized” via the ultimate disenfranchisement of illegal, fraudulent votes! 

Since ALL votes matter, ALL voters are disenfranchised when illegal votes are encouraged and counted; disenfranchisement is especially acute on those who happen to live in underserved Black communities.  Prior to Covid, underserved and oft-forgotten Blacks were enjoying

  • the highest employment rates in history
  • the highest homeownership in history,
  • Opportunity Zones that were rebuilding dilapidated communities,
  • Criminal justice reforms, and
  • an opportunity to experience Educational alternatives via “school choice”/Parental Choice programs.

Most underserved/urban Blacks who are tired of the systemic plight plaguing their communities appreciated the economic progress and noted reforms realized over the past four years.  As a result, Blacks from a wide spectrum of communities voted for a Republican (Trump) at the highest levels in recent history.  They wanted more economical and social gains, less death via the systemic racists at Planned Parenthood, and more law and order so they could enjoy safer communities while raising their families. As votes were counted and calculated, the strategic undermining of all voters occurred via illegal votes (mostly made up of dead people, duplicate ballots, and people who moved and no longer residing). Again, any illegal votes create voter disenfranchisement (generally), but it has a disproportionally negative effect on Black life (and especially Black life in urbanized, poor communities).

Where are the chief antagonists now?

 It’s quite ironic that chief antagonists (like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) with a history of declaring voter disenfranchisement, now laud and applaud the outcome of an election wrought with fraud and a lack of transparency; applauding illegal tactics deployed in the 2020 elections rob the voices and choices of the people they (Sharpton and Jackson) purport to represent. What is becoming clear is the past cries of voter disenfranchisement was perhaps not about “justice” at the ballot box.  Instead, these tactics were likely used as a cudgel to agitate and divide when their desired outcomes weren’t realized.

With millions who have been affected via lack of integrity and transparency in the voting processes, “Who will now take up the mantle to help and support the disenfranchised? Who will stand with communities (and especially underserved Black communities) who exercised their right and responsibility to vote, only to see political operatives and opportunists mute their collective voices?”

 Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) will!

EBLM is strident to demand integrity and full transparency in our electoral processes. Fundamentally, EBLM thoroughly rejects any/all vote cheating and fraud because if there were no illegal votes, underserved Black voters would be able to vote based on their life prospects and economic conditions expressly. If there were no illegal votes, Black communities would be able to vote to hold abortionists accountable for the racist targeting of their progeny for “extermination.” If there were no illegal votes, underserved Black communities would be able to express their desire for School choice alternatives appropriately. If there were no illegal votes, Blacks would be able to vote for the $500 billion in additional investment promised under the “Platinum Plan.”  If there were no illegal voting, our public servants would better serve ALL Americans at all levels (Local, State, Federal)! Lack of vote integrity is the definition of voter disenfranchisement.

Make no mistake, every legal vote/voter matters to our ability to successfully move forward as a Country. That said, Every Black Life Matters stands against all fraud, cheating, and undermining of American voices at the ballot box. Additionally, disproportional and systemic negative plight targeted at Black underserved communities makes us especially sensitive to these communities’ fight to be respected, heard, and fully acknowledged through the vote. Please stand with us as we stand against all manner of disenfranchisement; EBLM unequivocally demands universal embrace of the highest levels of voter integrity in U.S. elections

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Sheilah Pedigo Anderson

November 18, 2020

While I am not black, I do not like the fact that ALL the conservatives are being disenfranchised regardless of race. ALL LIVES MATTER, BLACK AND WHITE, and we need to not let our voices be silenced. This is such a scary thing going on. We need to ALL STAND UP, BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, RED, GREEN, PURPLE. Color should not be a factor in equality for all.

Gheorghe Rosca

November 18, 2020

Thank you for speaking boldly and truthfully!

Penny Elder

November 18, 2020

Amen! Very well-said. God bless you! Thank you for making this problem very clear for us to understand. Voter fraud disenfranchises us all!


November 18, 2020

Thank you, well put!

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