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Reparations? Lets have that discussion!

There has been much discussion about Reparations as of late. While many think this is just a election year ploy as political candidates grovel and appease for votes, the subject of reparations is indeed worthy of discussion.

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Social and cultural chaos, is forcing many American to think of the grievances and disparate treatments of the past. While America has certainly made huge strides accommodating equal rights and in encouraging better race relations since the era of slavery only 150 years ago, it is also true that Blacks have suffered a disproportional plight as a direct result of those times.

Whether we will ultimately agree or disagree on whether there should be reparations, the time for robust discussion is now. We have reached a point in our history whereby “wokeism” and grievance are now entire industries; our current social paradigm permeates almost all discussions, corporate structures, academia and just about every aspect of society! We cannot move forward as a unified nation until this subject or reparations is appropriately dealt with. 

To confirm appropriate actions on the subject of reparations, lets first define reparations. 

Reparations can be summarily defined as an attempt to “repair” for damages caused by entities that inflect undue harms. 

For instance, courts routinely confer reparations on victims who have suffered at hands of criminals; if criminals have means to pay, they are ordered to pay! With that in mind, we should consider that slavery was inculcated, enshrined and elongated by “Progressive” judges (in 19th Century) using extra Constitutional authority (not granted by or aligned with Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution; the acted with roguish malice) to keep Blacks enslaved as they deemed them “sub-human.” 

Jim Crow laws, Dred Scott decision, Black Codes, KKK lynching’s, segregation, and a host of other debilitating harms were precipitated by only one entity, and that entity is still thriving today. Based on the definition of reparations, and the fact that the institution is still around to this very day, shouldn’t we DEMAND that institution pay reparations to the progeny of people who were harmed and aggrieved by their actions? Since the definition of reparations confirms that those who suffered harms should be provided reparations directly from the entity who caused them, it is not appropriate to overlay responsibility for reparations onto the entire United States.

 Reparations should only come from the one entity who caused generations of enslavement, oppression and grievance…that entity just happens to be the Democrat Party! If those who are strident about reparations, but decline to name the perpetrator and make demands therein, they are wholly insincere! The Democrat Party did it, the Democrat Party must be made to pay!

In the same vein, the Tulsa riots (in 1921) that destroyed Black Wall Street, should have claim to reparations from the City of Tulsa. I think this is appropriate because, while most current citizens of Tulsa weren’t alive, the fact is, the Tulsa government (mayor and City officials) allowed the riots to fester and grow to the extent that thriving Black businesses were permanently closed, Blacks were harmed and their respective generations of Black progeny were precluded from dutiful inheritance and fortunes.

In summary, is we are sincere about the subject of reparations, we should be sincere about strictly going after the institutions that caused the harms. It is now manifestly clear, it is wholly unacceptable to overlay general claims of grievance and reparations onto the U.S. government taxpayers for specific plight caused by culpable entities still in existence. That said, “Should Democrat Party pay for generations of plight they caused that (to this day) complicate Black Life?” YES! “Should Tulsa government pay some form of reparations for the Black businesses lost due to their dereliction?” Yes!

In the spirit of unity, lets have these discussions! We cant move forward without them. Most importantly, we should have these discussions because…EVERY Black LIFE Matters!

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