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This is a replica of the certificate that EBLM will have printed, signed (by Kevin and Neil) and framed.

Below is the open letter to commend President Trump for his efforts to stand for Every Black Life.  This letter will be sent with the formal certificate.  Your name and “respectful” message will be included as part of the letter.

You can download a copy of the certificate or a copy of the letter with 309 signatures from citizens inside and outside the USA.

Letter of Commendation

Dear President Trump,

Thank you!

While there have been many Presidents of the U.S. who have asserted support for the Black community, you have fully demonstrated your commitment and resolve to support and improve Black life by standing firm on the right to life. The right to life has a significant and specific impact on Black life.

We commend you!

While Progressives/Leftists/Democrats publicly decry “racism,” privately, they have remained silent and complicit while one of their primary funding sources (Planned Parenthood) admitted their notable history of racism (PP of NY July 2020). You, on the other hand, have consistently stood against Planned Parenthood’s racism and publicly acknowledged their tactics and schemes to “exterminate the negro population” (actual quote from PP Founder, Margret Sanger) as the equivalency to “Black genocide!” Your stand is righteous and correct!

We commend you!

While over the past four years, there have been significant attempts to increase funding for Planned Parenthood, you have thwarted these attempts noting that every American has a right to life. Over the years, you have also correctly stated that Planned Parenthood has disproportionally targeted their efforts to encourage abortions toward the Black community. Planned Parenthood’s schemes have led to a significant decline in Black population growth and reproductive rates. You have correctly asserted that Planned Parenthood’s scourge is a heartbreaking reality that needed to be stopped, and you attempted to defund them. Your attempts were justified and correct!

We commend you!

Being President over these past four years has (no doubt) been exhilarating and, at times, excruciating. We want you to know your stand and focus on improving Black life has not been in vain. Your Presidential record confirms that with your stand against abortion, policies for school choice, economic revitalization via “Opportunity Zones,” crafting of The Platinum Plan, permanent funding for HBCU’s, and with your criminal justice reforms, you have attempted to improve Black life in every phase of life (from the “womb to the tomb”). This is the exact definition for standing for Every Black Life Matters!

We commend and thank you for several great years of providing credence, support, and exemplary leadership in standing for the notion that Every Black Life Matters! We wholly commend you!

The deadline expired on 11:59pm (Pacific) Sunday Jan 17, 2021.
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The Platinum Plan

The plan details the four pillars of Trump’s commitment to Black Americans (Opportunity, Security, Prosperity and Fairness) and outlines his promises to Black America over the next four years, including 3 million new jobs, better and cheaper healthcare, better educational opportunities and improved safety and justice on America’s streets.

Video clip from President's speech.

This was recorded Sept 25, 2020 in Atlanta.  President Trump discussed his support for the black community as well as the Platinum Plan.Our clip is approx 17 mins long. 

There is a full copy of the video available at C-SPAN. 

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