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We’re experiencing brutish cruelty…It’s time to accept good ol’ “Lunch Box Joe” is a cruel Joe!

Written by Co-Founder, Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

We’ve become comfortable with the caricature of “lunch bucket joe,” “good ol joe,” “demented joe,” to the extent we can’t see cruel Joe. But, cruel Joe exists! 

We’re experiencing brutish cruelty…It’s time to accept good ol’ “Lunch Box Joe” is a cruel Joe!

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In America, acts of cruelty have always been intolerable. We don’t tolerate animal cruelty, so we certainly don’t tolerate cruelty to children, women, infirmed, or any other segment, right? In theory, that’s true, but in practice, we’ve allowed a pattern of cruel behaviors to soften us to the extent we now seem to accept brutish cruelty as long as it’s silhouetted in winsome “good ol boy” imagery like “lunch Box Joe Biden,” for instance.

It seems that “winsomeness” has its privileges. Consider that Biden was gleeful about his 1994 Crime Bill legislation that ushered in decades of “mass incarceration,” disproportionally targeting (mostly) Black communities for relatively minor infractions and gratuitously handed down 25 yrs to life sentences! Anyone can see this legislation was racist targeting and indeed cruel. Still, the media shielded “lunchbox Joe” and his brutish behavior progressed without restriction. To be sure, years later, he went on to tout Obama as the “first mainstream, articulate, bright and clean, African American…”In this statement, Biden cruelly insinuated all other Blacks generally do not possess the basic characteristics of being “articulate,” “bright,” and “clean!” The media again covered up these comments as just winsome “good ol Joe,” and Biden’s racism was nuanced and sanitized, allowing his cruelty to escalate. When he was preparing to run for U.S. president, Biden’s Black audiences were aghast to hear him say racist and condescending quips like “they goin keep y’all in chains,” and, “if y’all vote for Trump, y’all aint Black!” Since Biden hadn’t received rebuke and consequences for past racist remarks, he was emboldened to continue the pattern of cruelty and condescension unabated. The fact is, while Biden received decades of gratuitous media “cover” for his many missteps, the level of his insensitivity and cruelty has increased and has only now reached a point that it cannot be ignored; it must be addressed. Good Ol Joe’s cruel policies and intents are no longer just narrowly focused on a segment of people, and his mean-spirited contempt is now broadly targeting and affecting every single American citizen.

An example of Bidens broad cruelty is evident when he proudly declared to America he would not leave a single American citizen behind in Afghanistan, but then hurriedly and unnecessarily left over 10,000+ Americans behind while claiming “victory!” Victory? While American women and girls (mostly) left behind were destined to be tortured and killed in the most unfathomable ways, he claimed “victory?” The Afghanistan debacle is blatant cruelty, not victory! Unfortunately, corrupt media only briefly challenged Biden on his Afghanistan malfeasance. They quickly moved on, but there is no “moving on” from this grotesque cruelty in the American psyche. The Afghanistan debacle notwithstanding, Biden now flaunts contempt for Americans by pushing to make illegal aliens instant U.S. millionaires at U.S. taxpayer expense. He’s doubling down on his contempt, and this is the ultimate cruelty!

While many attempts to excuse Biden’s actions as “demented,” his personal history seems to confirm something calculating and insidious that goes much deeper. His history gives a pattern of racism, his actions show contempt, and his policies now prove outright cruelty. A level of practiced cruelty confirms Biden knows more of what he is doing than what he lets on; I won’t chalk it up to senility. He is cruel. Only a cruel person would push (as a matter of policy) to make millionaires out of people who tried to cross U.S borders illegally while at the same time allowing hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens to remain homeless and starving! Think about it, Biden is willing to pay illegal border crossers far more than even the military heroes who sacrificed and lost their lives on the battlefield in his own military! Surely only a cruel person would cynically push to make instant U.S. millionaires of those who broke laws, instead of rewarding those who honored U.S. laws (came here legally) from the same areas (Southern border areas), worked hard for decades, paid to become citizens, educated themselves, started businesses and are saving to even just make their first $100K! Only a cruel person says illegals that attempted to break U.S. laws deserve to be millionaires because of “child separation,” while ignoring the horrors of the permanent “child separation” American parents now experience because criminal illegal aliens killed their children. If he were sincere about his outrage over “child separation,” he would prioritize American parents to receive compensation (because of their loss of a child) due to actions of criminal illegals! Of course, Biden won’t even summarily consider that scenario because, regrettably, at this point he is cold and cruel toward American citizens.

Consider that he snubs his nose at American citizens by harshly demanding that every American citizen (even children) get Covid 19 vaccination and certification to travel and work. Yet, at the same time, he gleefully provides chartered flights for all “unvaxxed” “migrants”! “migrants” are treated with “kid gloves!” They are unvetted, have no mandates, no I.D.’s, no requirements, and are respectfully treated as they are flown all across the U.S.! Further, Biden cynically ignores Americas homeless while providing “migrants” with living expenses, food, housing, paid education and meeting all their needs at U.S. taxpayer expense… Again, cruel!

We’ve become comfortable with the caricature of “lunch bucket joe,” “good ol joe,” “demented joe,” to the extent we can’t see cruel Joe. But, cruel Joe exists! We have overlooked the well-established pattern of cruelty since his 1994 mass incarceration bill, to his insulting comments on Obama, to his insults about Blacks, through to his policies about immigrants and etc. Biden’s works and deeds are manifest. It’s time we see the pattern of calculated cynicism, usury, and cruelty as the patterns of his character that have long been there. Do you see him?

Let’s SEE him! Let’s KNOW him! Let’s have eyes wide open ……

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Patrick G Murphy

November 12, 2021

Didn’t Trump (the so called racist by the left) rescind that bad legislation (1994 crime bill)?

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