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Blacks Once Again Targeted with Disproportional Plight Due to Government Vaccine Mandates


© 2021 Kevin McGary
Article for Submission with attribution

Author Kevin McGary
President of Every Black Life Matters
748 Words.

Kevin McGary - Every Black Life Matters

Lately, it seems many treasured cornerstones and bedrocks of American heritage have somehow become passe’ and mere nostalgia. Today, freedom and choice reflect as shadows in the shade of bright light cast broadly from Covid-19 mandates! When it comes to Covid-19, we are expected to subordinate freedom, personal choice, and our bodies to government, irrespective of government’s history of disproportional racial harms and trauma.

Ever since the U.S government used forced sterilizations and grotesque syphilis experiments against the Black community in the early 1900s, Blacks have been suspicious, wary, and naturally hesitant of government “mandates” for vaccines and associated experimental testing. Remember, the U.S. government used mandates to mercilessly and insidiously sterilize over 60,000 women (overwhelmingly Black) under the guise of “mandates” from the 1920s through the 1970s (the 1927 Supreme Court decision, Buck v. Bell, held that state government statutes mandating the sterilization of genetically “unfit” people were constitutional, thereby boosting the eugenics movement). Similarly, the U.S government experimented with syphilis on hundreds (600+) of unwitting black men in the Tuskegee experiments (1930s through the 1970s). These incidents were not altruistic, they were evil! The Black community has not forgotten and is naturally vaccine and experimentation “hesitant.” This should be understood and respected, not maligned, and neglected!

While millions have believed and enjoyed chanting the mantra “My body, my choice,” many Blacks have also understood and accepted this mantra as meaning more. We believe in personal freedom, the ability to make choices, and in respecting our bodies in ways that reflect our deeply held history and beliefs. If the government takes precedence and again forces mandates over our choices and therefore bodies, we are not only reminded of historical eras of slavery, Jim Crow, forced sterilizations, and syphilis experiments, but we are also faced with the reality of job losses, public humiliation, and social isolation just because we are reasonably “hesitant.”

History has appropriately conditioned the Black community to be hesitant about vaccines.  But now Blacks are paying a high price for being logical, prudent, and wise.  Blacks disproportionally make up lower to middle-income labor, live on a single household income, and have higher risk co-morbidities (upon which vaccines have found to have notable side effects). Then Blacks are terminated for non-compliance with vaccine mandates, and these terminations are having a disproportional impact on Black communities.  Unfortunately, Blacks are finding themselves unemployed, socially isolated, and publicly humiliated when it’s discovered they are “non-vaxed!” When there is obvious disproportional targeting of the Black community, it is no longer benign “messaging” to Blacks; it becomes a racist attack on Blacks.

We cannot go back to the days of maligning and disparaging Blacks for their heartfelt beliefs! Genuine understanding and respect are the only acceptable response for everyone. To that end, putting an end to certifications and mandates, and just allowing weekly testing and other reasonable safety protocols, are the best way to ensure ongoing protection for all workers without tumult and wholesale disruption of workforces. Adherence and acceptance of additional scientific breakthroughs on Covid therapies (i.e., Ivermectin, HCQ, etc.) may pose even better long-term solutions as opposed to mandated experimental vaccines, so let’s respect and allow hesitant communities to see more of the science, data, and long-term experience before the forced “jab.” The Black community has already paid the “ultimate price” many times over for dereliction at the hands of the U.S. government, it deserves to be respected enough to be able to “hesitate” and contemplate (if need be) over a mandated vaccine.

If governments are wholly insensitive to the history and plight the Black community has suffered over the issue of vaccines, they are ignorant and/or racist. Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is eager to work with any government to help assure historical facts do not get overlooked or are misconstrued with the implementation of new guidelines.

The current Covid-19 “pandemic” has made it convenient for “social planners” to seize power and control. Based on the elimination of basic American cornerstones of “freedom” and “choice,” this overreach is illegitimate and tyrannical. In addition to our history and sincere hesitancy, there’s no doubt the Black community senses the encroaching tyranny as an overarching threat as well! We all must stand for liberty, freedom, and choice!

EBLM is committed to you in this endeavor….

Kevin McGary

President Every Black Life Matters