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The US Department of Education Is Proposing to federally mandate Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project for K-12 children (an outline of the proposal is here –  Click the blue comments box on the top left.

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Proposed Priorities: American History and Civics Education

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Postal Mail, Commercial Delivery, or Hand Delivery: If you mail or deliver your comments about the proposed priorities, address them to Mia Howerton, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Room 3C152, Washington, DC 20202.

CRT for Dummies pt2: Black Liberation Theology


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We believe...

and why we do it the way we do it.

While God has placed intrinsic value on all lives, due to the circumstances and plight in the Black community, our organization’s focus is to unabashedly and unapologetically advocate for the respect and sanctity of every Black life. This means we will not be concerned with being politically correct in our statements or advocacy against entities and individuals that create, enable or defend barriers to Black progress.

Facts confirm, most Black lives have been negatively impacted via actions and/or policies of significant nefarious factions determined to harm Black communities. The irony is, most of these factions have been enabled and supported as they inculcated Black genocide as part of their goal toward reducing (or eliminating) Blacks. The biggest organization most responsible for disproportional Black plight is Planned Parenthood (and abortion affiliates). These organizations have recently admitted their racist foundations, and now therefore disavow their Founder (Margret Sanger) and founding. All told, the negative harms on the Black community have resulted in the elimination of almost 30 million Black babies. If it weren’t for these schemes to eliminate Blacks, the Black economic and political base would be enormous!

EBLM is defiantly pro-Black life, so by definition, we stand against racist schemes of Planned Parenthood (and affiliates). 

The most effective way to build Black wealth for individuals, families or businesses is to educate and train the community how to embrace innovation and leverage free markets and entrepreneurialism. Free-markets are the least racist of all systems. A manufacturer of goods or provider of labor cares not what color their repeat customers are, only that their interactions are freely engaged in, mutually prosperous and beneficial. It has been proven the world over that participation in free-market enterprise/capitalism is the most effective method (by far) to help people escape from generational poverty; it provides dignity of work, self-actualization, and personal empowerment.

Due to the overwhelming evidence that free-markets/capitalism helps end poverty, while Marxism (and associated forms like Socialism and Communism) actually encourage poverty, we are proudly anti-marxist in our goals. EBLM is  sincere in our desire to help and promote Black life. Therefore, we view the government’s role as being limited to helping permanently secure Inalienable God given rights, not to provide goods or services.

As long as there is “fair play” and transparency, there isn’t a need for special privileges because of skin color. Blacks are not victims at the mercy of handouts from others. We can achieve well-beyond existing paradigms and trends that connote low (or marginal) expectations for a successful future.

EBLM is concerned with assuring equal opportunities to excel are available to Black communities. Black communities are proud, hard workers and sincere about achieving at the highest levels.  We are not permanent perpetual victims. Nor are we marred with persistent oppression. We can and will achieve just like other ethnicities as long as unfair barriers that evoke disproportional treatment don’t exist.  Since Blacks can now be found in the White House, Board Rooms and Executive positions in major Corporations, we see achievement is possible with a horizon of high expectation.  EBLM helps support and encourage high expectations by exposing inequities whenever barriers to Black progress are identified. EBLM will be on the front line doing all we can to identify, confirm, and break down those barriers that act as affronts to Black progress.

Eliminating existing barriers that pose disproportional Education (due to lack of educational “choice”) will help the Black community realize the possibility of a better life (economically and socially), increased self-confidence and develop more eager personal initiatives.

It has been proven that a poor education is one of the primary factors that contribute to hopelessness, criminality, and lack of economic achievement. These mindsets can disempower individuals and entire communities. Simple policies that empower parents via school/educational choice, is life changing.   By unleashing and enabling educational choice initiatives, Black communities will realize increased self-esteem, increased economic progress and success, and a definitive break in generational poverty. Since we are strident about helping improve odds of Black success and achievement (because Every Black Life Matters), parental choice initiatives in the realm of education, cannot be ignored. It is actually vital to Black success!

In line with MLK’s beliefs, when dealing with entities with a conscience, we believe that Violence is not an appropriate answer except in cases of defense.

To advocate for violence or to harm innocents or their property, goes against all our standards. 

We will expressly condemn all violence performed in our name or for our cause and have no tolerance for it.

We believe in the Unalienable Right of Free Speech and do not believe it include acts of aggression or destruction.

Many studies have confirmed that the single most important characteristic that helps determine the level of Black advancement and prosperity is the presence of a father in the home. “Fatherhood programs” and initiatives should be a cornerstone of any goals toward encouraging personal success and advancement.

While there are myriad of factors that can prevent a father from remaining in the home (i.e. “don’t want to marry,” “cant get along,” and etc.), there are few factors that prevent fathers from remaining connected to their children. If fathers were to just commit to maintaining a consistent connection to their children, it would make a tremendous life-altering difference (compared to little or no connection). Father absence leaves children feeling confused, rejected, and rebellious; this makes them vulnerable to a host of destructive behaviors. These behaviors can permanently damage the lives of children and undermine any opportunities for a successful future.

EBLM is eager to champion fatherhood initiatives that help alleviate the plight of fatherlessness. These programs include community education forums, Church engagement strategies, and mentorship programs. All these initiatives are intended to bring focus to the issue, and provide actual solutions that help mitigate disastrous consequences. Every Black life matters, so this vital issue can no longer be ignored. Working with a nationwide partner network, EBLM will address it!

REAL “justice” is what has the greatest impact on Black life. This means being acknowledged and respected with the same colloquial appreciation as any other person. Equal justice is (by definition) devoid of any partiality, and is fundamental to everyone being able recognize and experience “justice.” Extending fair and equal treatment in every aspect of life and in every domain, helps lead everyone to experience REAL and impartial justice.

EBLM actually defines REAL as Righteousness Embraces All Life. This means, the fundamental aspect of “real” justice is the full embrace of life. Dr. Martin Luther King said, injustice anywhere, leads to injustice everywhere.” Since life always begins in the womb, “real” justice begins in the womb. The holistic embrace of life, provides a foundation of acknowledgement that since life (itself) is fundamental to justice, when we take a life (at any phase of life, including in the womb), we may be acting unjustly (unless there’s mitigating circumstances, like self-defense, etc.). That said, EBLM will zealously assess whether real justice was carried out by political Parties/entities, Corporations, law enforcement, and other individual’s or agencies via our context and definition for REAL justice!

Disproportional plight spread throughout Black communities  has been precipitated via targeted schemes by entities seeking to kill, steal and destroy. Going forward, EBLM will monitor, asses, and expose any/all these nefarious entities so all barriers to Black progress will be neutralized and completely destroyed.

Fundamental in the “hierarchy of needs” for all humankind is safety and security.  If people don’t feel safe we cannot move forward and make progress in any meaningful way. This is especially true for Black communities. Blacks are disproportionally represented in urban (often crime ridden) communities. This means a significant percentage of Blacks live in fear of neighborhood crime and violence; these factors limit mobility to work, school and other activities. There is need for more and better law enforcement, not less.

We support our men and women in law enforcement who sacrifice daily to protect us. In fact, there are an overwhelming percentage of Black families who fear the absence of the police in their neighborhoods and count on them to stand in the gap. However, we also recognize a few bad apples can (over time) rot the barrel and destroy confidence in our protectors. Continuous reformation and monitoring needs to take place. Officers who are corrupt or are unnecessarily violent, egotistical or uncaring should be able to be terminated without a long battle. This means policy reforms directed at police and respective unions must be considered and adopted.  Qualified immunity should be overthrown by our legislature. We also reject “no-knock” raids for non-violent crimes. When dealt with swiftly, the bad will not taint the good and honorable.

Safe and prosperous communities begin with law and order. EBLM encourages maximum safety for communities, therefore we are pro law enforcement and law and order.

“Racism” is truly a “heart issue” (a malady of the heart) that cannot be addressed or solved through simplistic “neo-cultural pseudo-psychology.” Our programs provide effective anti-racism campaigns via targeted coaching and training, new policy initiatives and structural reforms (as opposed to arcane subjective theories ascribing guilt based on immutable genetic characteristics). Guilt-based tactics are (by definition) racist, and increase racial tension instead of reconciliation and community harmony! Government laws benefiting one people group over another only builds resentment, strife and conflict between people groups.

Honest and true anti-racist initiatives must be committed to not generalize people based on degree of melanin in the skin, and instead look at actual racist injustices people groups have been actively maligned by others. For example, there are many purported anti-racist “consultants” who wholly ignore the admitted racist schemes of Planned Parenthood (they admitted they were founded on the premise of exterminating Blacks), and instead continue to roundly support them. How can proponents of anti-racism wholly endorse and support active racism of favored institutions?   These kind of incoherent inconsistences must be illuminated and addressed.

EBLMs anti-racist initiatives uphold fundamental truths and sincere. We deliver successful outcomes  by standing on principled truths, not grotesque generalizations that demonize and malign.

Scientifically speaking there is only one race. The human race, endowed by the Creator with certain Inalienable rights. However, there are many cultures and ethnicities. Color is not an indication of either as within ethnicities, there are multiple cultures and within cultures there are multiple ethnicities. An African American of Ghanaian heritage growing up in the Inner city will have a completely different culture than an African American of the same heritage growing up in Sunnyvale, CA or an African growing up in Ghana. Similarly a person growing up in North Dakota will have a completely different culture than a person growing up in Norway, though they have the same ethnicity. In addition, a person may be of multiple ethnicities, but share the same culture with their neighbor of a completely different ethnic background. Irrespective of ethnicity or culture, every life matters! When there are injustices, they must be dealt with. But all attempts to create an artificial racial divide must be met with strong resistance or our nation will crumble and be taken over by totalitarianism. We can not, we must not, we should not be divided. Stand with us.