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Kevin McGary


“Justice” Movement

Neil Mammen

Executive VP

America is on fire!

Cries for “justice” have erupted
into protests, violence, riots, and wanton criminality. We should note, the cry for justice is universal. God put an innate yearning for justice as fundamental to our human condition. This means, when injustices occur, we are affected and disturbed, and should appropriately respond.
The question is,

“What is an appropriate response to
the spate of injustices now gripping America?”

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) considers itself a preeminent justice movement. While this is a noble thought, and seemingly a virtuous goal, “ What does that actually mean?” There have been many organizations that consider themselves justice related organizations and/or movements. “Social Justice,” Racial Justice,” and “Human Rights” organizations (in general), are all about “justice,” right?

How  EXACTLY is EBLM different?

The best way to clarify and confirm how EBLM is profoundly different from most other organizations, we must first answer the question, “What is ‘justice’?”
My third book (“Just, Justly, Justice”) specifically addressed the issue of “justice”; it confirmed an accurate definition of “justice,” including what it is, and what it is not.  That said, to put it simply, justice is summarily defined as “the embrace of allowing others to exist side-by-side (alongside) without prejudice or partiality.”  Certainly, more exhaustive expository can be added and amended to this definition, but in essence, justice can be  distilled to this definition.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stated, an injustice anywhere, leads to injustices everywhere (paraphrased), and EBLM wholeheartedly agrees with this sentiment! 

Think about it.  We placate our conscience to the degree we ignore fundamental injustices and therefore, we will easily allow and excuse other injustices based on personal convenience (or advocacy). Case in point, based on the aforementioned definition of justice, it would be profoundly unjust to excuse the merciless destruction of life when is conceived. 

If we prevent or disallow life to come forth…

  • Doesn’t that mean we are acting unjustly?
  • Doesn’t that mean we are notable agents of injustice?
  • Doesn’t that mean that we are demonstrating partiality (to only those who are living outside the womb), and not in a holistic embrace of the life of others as they are destined to come forth.

This is what we call an inconvenient truth, but it is truth nevertheless!

EBLM is especially sensitive to the issue of life because it IS a manifestly disproportionate racist attack on the Black family; a grotesque injustice! Planned Parenthood recently announced that they are no longer celebrating the Margret Sanger Award, and that they are denouncing Sanger due to her racist/eugenics schemes against the Black community. Put simply, abortion has been used by racists a weapon of destruction against Blacks. With Sanger’s founding, Planned Parenthood inculcated systemic racism in order to “exterminate the Negro population” (Sanger words). Isn’t this an horrible injustice? We should then ask ourselves, why does virtually every “Social Justice,” Racial Justice,” “Human Rights”  agencies complicity stand with abortionists? Isn’t this in and of itself an injustice? Remember, Dr. MLK, states an injustice ANYWHERE, leads to injustice EVERYWHERE. Based on this statement, if we are complicit with precipitating foundations of injustice when life actually begins, it is impossible to assert we are for “justice” in any domain or instances throughout life!

This is the significance of EBLM.

EBLM’s stance for justice is an embodiment of our stand for Black life (and all other life) from womb to natural death. This notion is why we declare we are a preeminent justice organization. We do not embrace partiality in the womb, nor in “the street.” We are determined to help citizens, communities, and law enforcement remain vigilant to embrace impartiality as we encounter one another.

A “just” response to injustices gripping America must begin with an embrace of life (all life in the womb), then an embrace of intentional impartiality. This means, we reject nomenclature and movements that separate and divide us (i.e. “White Fragility,” “1619 project,” and the like); all these movements support wanton racist abortions targeting the Black community, and they further foment injustice by pitting one ethnicity against another based on degree of melanin in the skin. Notably, this is grossly unjust!

The schemes to exterminate Blacks, coupled with the fact that Blacks have suffered an indiscriminate and disproportional loss of over 25 million (an entire generation) by abortion, is what motivates Every Black Life Matters to stand for “Black life” and for justice for all….Are you with us?

Let stand for justice together!