“Black Lives Matter” has become a common refrain this year.

But despite the movement’s popularity, some black lives have been left out of the narrative.

And now a new organization is poised to change that in the following ways.

Black babies in America face a higher risk of abortion than many other infant populations, and Planned Parenthood has been at the forefront of the attack on black babies.

But the Left has ignored this fact as it pushes the Black Lives Matter movement and the abortion agenda at the same time.

Now, one organization is ready to stand against the tide and advocate for every black life—including those yet unborn!

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) aims “to protect black life from conception to death.”

EBLM asserts the importance of “confronting injustice and deconstructing barriers inside and outside the black community,” advocating for black lives of all ages.

Unlike the liberal Black Lives Matter movement, EBLM focuses on the necessity of faith and every individual’s God-granted right to life.