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Marx Infects Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | The Epoch Times

To this day, Marx’s philosophy encourages the “exploited” proletariat class to rise up and control or eliminate the bourgeoisie “ruling class.” Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik who launched the late Soviet Union, upshifted Marxism to achieve utopia by mobilizing the “masses” to undermine capitalism and meritocracy

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Darwin and DEI | The Epoch Times

Some perceive DEI as the perfect mechanism for retribution based on a history of unequal treatment of the past. From their perspective, any unequal treatment toward those who seem to fit the profile of “oppressors/victimizers,” notably, whites, is apropos payback for the generations of unequal treatment and abuse blacks endured in the past. Ironically, the loudest advocates of DEI initiatives have no problems with the people who laid the foundation of human bigotry/racism and inequality.

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Every Black Life Matters Condemns Hamas for Kidnapping Civilians and Neglecting the People of Gaza

Every Black Life Matters stands in solidarity with the people of Israel and condemns Hamas’s cowardly act of terrorism. We urge the Biden administration to take immediate action to stop Hamas and other terrorist organizations from harming innocent people.
Call to Action : Every Black Life Matters calls on the international community to pressure Hamas to release the Israeli hostages and improve the lives of the people of Gaza.

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How to find a non-WOKE church when your church goes WOKE? (New Website Announcement)

My Church Finder ( will help you find a Church that genuinely fills the Biblical and Spiritual needs of your family and community. It identifies Pastors and Churches aligned with the simple, pure, and unadulterated Gospel of Jesus, who activity teach about the dangers of WOKEISM and who are working to change our nations laws to line up with God’s Moral laws.

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Racist Leftism on Display as No Bail Incarceration Punishes Black Conservative

Last week, we witnessed a black conservative, Harrison Floyd, being arrested and denied bail. The irony is that the DA and judge overseeing Mr. Floyd’s case are Leftist Progressives ironically with a history of advocating for bail and jail reforms. They had especially decried blacks’ not receiving equal treatment and being jailed at disproportionate rates (as compared to whites).

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