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Global Abortion Rates in 2023: The Loss of Potential

Reports say that in 2023 there were approximately 73 million abortions performed globally. This represents the loss of potential lives whose contribution to society would have benefited many in a myriad of ways, including contribution to cultural diversity, workforce and innovation. The global tally of intentional abortions reminds us of the legal factors influencing the occurrence, approachability, and provision of abortion services. In the complex global debate on the sanctity of life and women’s autonomy, critical roles emerge in the decision-making process regarding abortion.

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Unraveling Valentine’s True Universal Story

Valentine’s day is believed to have originated from a combination of ancient Roman and Christian traditions. There is a close association with an old Roman festival called Lupercalia, commemorated from February 13th to 15th.

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Frederick Douglass: A Lion of Abolition

This boldness  not only enabled him to read and write, which was forbidden for slaves during that time, but also empowered him to become a powerful tool against slavery. The will power it took for Douglass  to liberate himself by escaping to freedom in 1838 to the North,  was later harnessed to ignite a fervent abolitionist movement that swept across the nation.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Runs Article About Satanic Abortion| The Epoch Times

TST’s website states that TST is a religious organization that provides abortion health care. Mr. Mammen said that providing a service to abort babies has nothing to do with religion or health care.

Mr. Mammen said that since the beginning of time, medical care has never been about killing anything. The Hippocratic Oath for doctors includes doing no harm. This is not only an issue about the fetus but also an issue about women.

He said that most women who’ve gone through abortions have experienced trauma years later, and it’s not short-term trauma; it’s long-term trauma. In fact, there are entire counseling organizations dedicated to counseling women who are suffering post-traumatic stress from an abortion way back in their youth.

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DEI Dilemmas Abound: Let’s Attempt to Make Sense Out of Nonsense!| The Epoch Times

DEI-driven activists are reimagining medical practice to deliver healthcare depending upon a patient’s race, sex, gender, and rank on the “oppressor” scale. Patients are treated or not treated based upon their race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, social class, ability, immigration status, and more. How does that make sense? Measuring a patient’s political-social worthiness cannot be the doctors’ job when healthcare is needed.

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