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Biden: “White Supremacy is poison.”

Kevin McGary 

By Kevin McGary

America has reached a tipping point that now requires we expunge entirely any forms of racial and ethnic partiality and supremacy; these mindsets divide us!

Biden: “White Supremacy is poison.”

In the wake of the horrific mass killing that targeted Blacks in Buffalo last weekend, President Joe Biden gave a speech branding the “poison” of white supremacist ideology as motivating the awful deed.  Biden asserted white supremacy is a poison that has been allowed to grow and fester and it’s an ideology that cannot be allowed to stand. Yes! This sad truth must certainly be addressed.

America has reached a tipping point that now requires we expunge entirely any forms of racial and ethnic partiality and supremacy; these mindsets divide us! All forms of supremacy prevent America from unifying and moving forward as “one nation under God.”

Biden continued: “Now’s the time for people of all races, of every background, to speak up as a majority of America and reject white supremacy.” And: “We can’t allow them to destroy the nation’s soul.”

Those statements have a populist attraction.  But whenever people make populist statements, we should always look for evidence to determine if they’re sincere or if they’re merely “positioning” and making statements based on politics of the moment.

Americans are tired of politicians using ideologically-driven false narratives that promote ‘false truths” as a way to gain sophomoric “political points.” We are eager to pursue confirmed truths. We are desperate for “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” When we discern unequivocal truth about white supremacy, we can begin working together to do something about it.

So, is there truth about Biden’s fervency to end white supremacy? The truth is, he needs to start with himself! If Biden is sincere, then he would immediately apologize and renounce his unequivocal embrace of white supremacy.

Here’s why. Anyone who unleashes mass-incarceration schemes that specifically target Blacks, so Blacks would suffer disproportionate levels and degrees of incarceration, is assuredly a white supremacist. The unequivocal truth is: Joe Biden championed the 1994 Crime Bill that specifically did that; he ushered in an era of mass incarceration targeted at Black communities. The suffering that ensued is still widespread throughout the Black community to this very day, and unlike President Trump who tried via his criminal justice reforms, Biden declines to acknowledge his role or do anything about it. Biden’s own efforts embraced white supremacy. Joe Biden “did that!”

Moreover, anyone in America who chooses to conveniently ignore eugenics as a pervasive scheme to “exterminate Blacks” is a white supremacist wholly complicit with eugenicist Margret Sanger (Planned Parenthood founder). Sanger asserted exterminating Blacks as her prime motivation and desire. Sanger’s schemes to wipe out Blacks was born out of a desire to maintain superiority in the “white” gene pool. She viewed Blacks as “weeds” and “reckless breeders” (and worse) that would ultimately taint the supreme white race; she firmly asserted white supremacy and set out to do something to maintain it via her “family planning clinics.” Biden has been quite aware of how Sanger’s abortuaries are strategically located to target Black communities, yet he continues to strive for abortions as a “right” and a “need.” He is so hell-bent (literally) on these issues, he is tacitly complicit with the unlawful protests and near-riots in front of SCOTUS justices’ homes aiming to force the Court to continue its prior support for abortion.

Fact is, stemming from Sanger’s eugenic goals, abortion is white supremacy in practice. Those aware of her diabolical schemes to target and destroy the Black community via abortion and continue to stand with her (and her respective “agencies”) are unequivocally and definitively white supremacists! Biden’s America is destined to continue the disproportional destruction of Black families. Joe Biden did that!

We heard rousing applause when Biden asserted: “No more. I mean no more. We need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America.” Since he said it, we demand demonstrable sincerity from him and his supporters. We must reject ideologically convenient political pabulum, and demand actions be taken that comport with their outrage and convictions about white supremacy! Actions speak louder than words on this pivotal issue that demands a courageous response. The soul of America is at stake!

There are two immediate actions to be immediately taken that will confirm Biden’s commitment and resolve to do as he says. First, suppose Biden is truly sincere about defiantly standing against white supremacy. In that case, he must immediately renounce and denounce his 1994 Crime bill and begin working diligently (like his predecessor did) to fix it through reforms that righteously comport with fair, honest, and just sentencing guidelines. Second, if Biden is sincere about clearly and forcefully mitigating the ideology of white supremacy in America, he must strongly renounce and denounce any allegiance to eugenics; this means, irrespective of existing political partnerships and agencies, he must champion (like his predecessor did) the elimination of funding to any organizations that disproportionally targets Blacks for extermination before they are born (Margret Sanger’s specific desire). Targeting the KKK (or associated “splinter” organizations) is easy! It’s a far different matter to take on an organization like Planned Parenthood (or “splintered organizations) that seeks to harm Blacks. Would Biden then instead waffle on his demand that we will not tolerate white supremacy due to its corrosive effects on the soul of America?

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is resolute in its disdain for any racial or ethnic supremacy or partiality! We mourn for the families in Buffalo who endure the unconscionable loss of loved ones at the hands of a maniacal white supremacist. We also stand with individuals and their families who are enduring disproportional injustices due to Biden’s 1994 Crime bill. And we are in perpetual mourning and grief for Black babies who have been slaughtered and will continue to be targeted for extermination by duplicitous white supremacists who unapologetically castigate others while hiding behind ideological rhetoric. Every life is precious, and as Biden exhorted, we must stand together to reject the poison of white supremacy. Most assuredly, however, the rejection must start with him!

EBLM demands Joe Biden demonstrate his resolve by immediately renouncing and denouncing his own record of white supremacy.

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