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 US-based Conservative Organizations: Their Role in Africa’s Controversial Pro-Life Debates

Sub-Saharan Africa experiences some of the world’s highest rates of unsafe and unintended pregnancies. These concerning statistics are prompting certain jurisdictions within the region to reexamine their stance on abortion rights. Promoting Christian conservative values, USBCOs like Family Watch International have felt emboldened to increase their advocacy efforts in Africa because of this development

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The Shadow of Eugenics: Margaret Sanger’s Impact on the Black Community

While her advocacy for women’s reproductive rights may have stemmed from good intentions, Sanger’s embrace of eugenics and racist views cast a long shadow. Her actions highlight the importance of critically examining historical figures, acknowledging both their contributions and the damage caused by their harmful beliefs. We must remember that progress in healthcare cannot come at the expense of marginalized communities. As we navigate Sanger’s complex legacy, we must condemn the racist underpinnings of her work, ensuring that the fight for reproductive rights benefit all communities equally.

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ICYMI : An Open Letter to the NAACP

NAACP’s Pro-Abortion Stance Betrays Black Lives

On Feb, 15, 2024, Judie Brown , President of American Life League wrote an open declaration to the NAACP highlighting a critical issue of utmost significance. It cannot be overlooked, as the NAACP’s endorsement of abortion raises questions about its core mission of advocating for civil rights and equality. Referring to a 2023 document released by the NAACP outlining women’s right to reproductive freedom and health Brown raises serious concerns regarding their position on abortion.

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Global Abortion Rates in 2023: The Loss of Potential

Reports say that in 2023 there were approximately 73 million abortions performed globally. This represents the loss of potential lives whose contribution to society would have benefited many in a myriad of ways, including contribution to cultural diversity, workforce and innovation. The global tally of intentional abortions reminds us of the legal factors influencing the occurrence, approachability, and provision of abortion services. In the complex global debate on the sanctity of life and women’s autonomy, critical roles emerge in the decision-making process regarding abortion.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Runs Article About Satanic Abortion| The Epoch Times

TST’s website states that TST is a religious organization that provides abortion health care. Mr. Mammen said that providing a service to abort babies has nothing to do with religion or health care.

Mr. Mammen said that since the beginning of time, medical care has never been about killing anything. The Hippocratic Oath for doctors includes doing no harm. This is not only an issue about the fetus but also an issue about women.

He said that most women who’ve gone through abortions have experienced trauma years later, and it’s not short-term trauma; it’s long-term trauma. In fact, there are entire counseling organizations dedicated to counseling women who are suffering post-traumatic stress from an abortion way back in their youth.

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How to find a non-WOKE church when your church goes WOKE? (New Website Announcement)

My Church Finder ( will help you find a Church that genuinely fills the Biblical and Spiritual needs of your family and community. It identifies Pastors and Churches aligned with the simple, pure, and unadulterated Gospel of Jesus, who activity teach about the dangers of WOKEISM and who are working to change our nations laws to line up with God’s Moral laws.

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Pre-Order Kevin’s book DEI in 3D

Pre-Order Kevin’s book DEI in 3D Kevin McGary By Kevin McGary [elfsight_pdf_embed id=”8″] Donate Here Articles from Kevin McGary

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Molech and Baal in America

Biblical and ancient history describes abominable practices and unfathomable rituals that were dedicated to the idol gods Molech and Baal. Rituals to these gods required live sacrifices of children. Innocent, defenseless children were put into fiery furnaces and burned to death as a sacrifice to the gods. Any moral person would view these grotesque ancient rituals as savage and inhumane. Regrettably, monstrous forms of child sacrifice continue to this very day.

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Kevin McGary debunks the left’s myth that Planned Parenthood is no longer racist- David Brody interview!

We stand stridently in the fight for the soul of America. Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) strives to take a principled stance on every issue we face as a nation. Unlike BLM and so many others, EBLM is not an “activist” organization ideologically driven by vacuous screed when lives are in the balance. Instead, we carefully and thoughtfully weigh every issue we face with a principled mindset that logically applies righteousness and justice. 

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Do all live matter? : a frank discussion

We have a serious conversation about some of the feelings around :Do all lives matter?

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