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6 Reasons Black Christians Must Denounce BLM

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson|Posted: Jul 26, 2020 12:01 AM

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In a few short years Black Lives Matter (BLM) has influenced blacks more than black Christians have. This explains the outrage over George Floyd’s homicide by former officer Derek Chauvin, and the deafening silence over high black abortion rates and black-on-black murders. BLM ignores real issues hurting black communities because black Christians do. 

According to their own website, BLM wants to disrupt the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” promote LGBTQ rights and advance Marxism. Sadly, few black evangelicals have the courage and knowledge to condemn BLM that seeks to undermine Christian principles.

Here’s more ideals all Christians should denounce:


Socialism is an economic system developed by atheists Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, co-authors of the “The Communist Manifesto.” They believed religion was an “anti-depressant for the working class,” and God should be banished from society because man’s conscience and government is superior. Consequently, dictators that embraced Marxism, murdered 100 million people throughout the 20th century.

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