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What is the EBLM Partner site?

Written by our Co-Founder, Neil Mammen

By Neil Mammen

“If you are one of the supporters and partners of this vision, you will know that you were used greatly for that purpose.”

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What is the EBLM Partner site? 

Many of you have said, “I’ve been thinking that we need something like Every Black Life Matters, ever since BLM started it’s rampage across the country.” Others have said, “it’s about time we came up with a real  solution to African American plight instead of blindly following along with the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world.” 
The EBLM Partner site allows you to be a supporter of this vision. YOUR vision in many cases. It’s a site for founding Partners, monthly Donors, doers & shakers to join together to influence EBLM’s immediate goals and prioritize their focus. It also allows you to be on the ground floor on any action we are going to take. But best of all is that it gives you a safe space to ask questions, share and learn from one another.  The exclusive access to articles and interviews that may not be published openly or not published till much later is a nice feature also.
Here’s why we need you on the partner site. EBLM is a very young organization, and if it develops into a major influencer in policies and peacemaking, it will have a significant impact on the lives of the African American community and the peaceful unification of the United States. If you are one of the supporters and partners of this vision, you will know that you were used greatly for that purpose.
Neil Mammen

5 Replies

Ben figley

April 1, 2021

Thanks for being here!! Blessings

Jeffrey D Spencer

April 1, 2021

Thanks for being here. I support you 1000% How do I join?


April 1, 2021

Hi Jeffrey, great to hear from you. We’d love your support. You can help us by donating on a regular basis or by becoming a partner. You can also help by spreading the word and getting us invited to speak at major Churches and Christian Universities and Schools.

Vanessa Baker

April 1, 2021

Neil- this is Vanessa. I met you and Kevin at Metro Praise International Church in Chicago today. For some reason your organization fires me up SO MUCH!!! Because you stand for TRUTH!!! Thank you for that! I don’t have a website, I’m only a single mom but I want to share with everyone I can and that will listen. Thank you again!!

Wanda Clark

April 1, 2021

Shalom I was on the Proceeding Word today with Apostle VW Jones. I really enjoyed listening to you. I would like to purchase your book. Please give me the website to order please. I support you.

Thank you
Ms. Wanda L. Clark

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