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The Shadow of Eugenics: Margaret Sanger’s Impact on the Black Community

While her advocacy for women’s reproductive rights may have stemmed from good intentions, Sanger’s embrace of eugenics and racist views cast a long shadow. Her actions highlight the importance of critically examining historical figures, acknowledging both their contributions and the damage caused by their harmful beliefs. We must remember that progress in healthcare cannot come at the expense of marginalized communities. As we navigate Sanger’s complex legacy, we must condemn the racist underpinnings of her work, ensuring that the fight for reproductive rights benefit all communities equally.

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Humanity’s Story: Why Black History Month Matters Everywhere

NAACP’s Pro-Abortion Stance Betrays Black Lives

On Feb, 15, 2024, Judie Brown , President of American Life League wrote an open declaration to the NAACP highlighting a critical issue of utmost significance. It cannot be overlooked, as the NAACP’s endorsement of abortion raises questions about its core mission of advocating for civil rights and equality. Referring to a 2023 document released by the NAACP outlining women’s right to reproductive freedom and health Brown raises serious concerns regarding their position on abortion.

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