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Tyre Nichols Press Release – Feb 1, 2023

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) stands against all acts of evil and injustice. Irrespective of the “reason,” (i.e., lack of training, “racism,” lax hiring policies, poor psychological screenings, etc.), excessive force that prompts acts of police brutality is unjust. Evil acts committed by people trusted with tremendous power and authority are unacceptable and must be confronted and corrected. We pray all officers involved in Tyre’s death will receive their due maximum punishment. We also pray for the Nichols family and friends as they endure this sudden unnecessary loss, deep sorrow, and extreme grief.

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Kevin McGary debunks the left’s myth that Planned Parenthood is no longer racist- David Brody interview!

We stand stridently in the fight for the soul of America. Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) strives to take a principled stance on every issue we face as a nation. Unlike BLM and so many others, EBLM is not an “activist” organization ideologically driven by vacuous screed when lives are in the balance. Instead, we carefully and thoughtfully weigh every issue we face with a principled mindset that logically applies righteousness and justice. 

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One America News interviews Kevin about Black Lives Matter (BLM) apparent malfeasance!

I have received many requests for interviews to help shed light and provide insight and perspective on BLM’s apparent massive fraud that saw $100,000,000+ go to political organizations, family members, and the purchase of multiple mansions. My latest interview is with Dan Ball at One America News; Dan and I discuss the incongruence of BLM’s influx of massive donations while neglecting to use those funds to help ease many areas of disproportionate Black plight affecting Black communities

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American Media Periscope

The video will not automatically show up. Look for the episode on March 9, 2021 at 7PM (American Churches Complicity in Hurting Black Lives?

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Our Watch Now

This channel of for people who choose to live by Judea-Christian moral standards and realize that they used to be the majority in America. Times have changed. That majority fell […]

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Should your church be Woke?

Join Kevin and Neil for an honest discussion about woke, social justice, CRT and other issues contending for the church’s allegiance. A few questions we discuss Explain Woke? What is […]

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On the Edge with Ken Harrison Episode 14

Ken Harrison, CEO of WaterStone and volunteer chairman of Promise Keepers, is joined by Kevin McGary on the latest episode of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison.” Together they discuss […]

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