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 US-based Conservative Organizations: Their Role in Africa’s Controversial Pro-Life Debates

Sub-Saharan Africa experiences some of the world’s highest rates of unsafe and unintended pregnancies. These concerning statistics are prompting certain jurisdictions within the region to reexamine their stance on abortion rights. Promoting Christian conservative values, USBCOs like Family Watch International have felt emboldened to increase their advocacy efforts in Africa because of this development

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Global Abortion Rates in 2023: The Loss of Potential

Reports say that in 2023 there were approximately 73 million abortions performed globally. This represents the loss of potential lives whose contribution to society would have benefited many in a myriad of ways, including contribution to cultural diversity, workforce and innovation. The global tally of intentional abortions reminds us of the legal factors influencing the occurrence, approachability, and provision of abortion services. In the complex global debate on the sanctity of life and women’s autonomy, critical roles emerge in the decision-making process regarding abortion.

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Partnership with Heritage Foundation

We are honored to be one the National Partners with

“a coalition of non-profit organizations who work for the wellbeing of American families. We are passionate about protecting children – our own, and all those across America.”

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