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United We Stand: The Power of Black Family Bonds

Throughout all cultures, many families prioritize their children’s academic success. This commitment is evident in their actions, such as enrolling them in private or charter K-12 schools, and the significant resources they dedicate to their education. However, it is regrettable that due to lack of funds, this investment is often not attainable for many black and brown families resulting in a sharp difference in the quality of education and available opportunities.

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Lost Fathers Blog post

Lost Fathers

Lost Fathers Written by our Guest Author, Kevin Metcalf By Kevin Metcalf “The mother and father’s relationship with their children is an allegory to God’s relationship with humankind. That relationship […]

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To Truly Reduce Racial Disparities, We Must Acknowledge Black Fathers Matter

The only institution to which today’s black children are routinely denied is marriage. Their plight won’t improve until they receive equal access. By Katy Faust and Stacy ManningJUNE 12, 2020 Americans must […]

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