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A System Out of Balance: The Urgent Case for Criminal Justice Reform

Our organization, Every Black Life Matters, calls upon individuals and leaders alike to join our mission.
We not only advocate for the amendment of laws that unfairly affect Black Americans but also for the restoration of families and communities torn apart by unjust imprisonment.
The journey towards reform is intricate and demanding, yet undeniably essential in shaping a society that genuinely respects every Black life.

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Racist Leftism on Display as No Bail Incarceration Punishes Black Conservative

Last week, we witnessed a black conservative, Harrison Floyd, being arrested and denied bail. The irony is that the DA and judge overseeing Mr. Floyd’s case are Leftist Progressives ironically with a history of advocating for bail and jail reforms. They had especially decried blacks’ not receiving equal treatment and being jailed at disproportionate rates (as compared to whites).

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Stop Persecuting Pastor Artur Pawlowski Press Release

“DEI In 3D” represents a critical resource for individuals and organizations committed to embracing diversity and inclusion. By promoting a profound understanding of history and the need to embrace collaboration, this book can spark a profound shift in societal consciousness and create a lasting impact in the pursuit of REAL equality and REAL justice.

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