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Monday June 26 to Monday July 3, 2023

Many of you know our admin – Regina Roundtree.  Well, she is also a licensed travel agent and will be coordinating all the travel arrangements for those who attend.  You can TRUST that you will recieve concierge travel services. Regina (at)

There are many videos, testimonies and pictures on the SA2Israel website.  Doesn’t make sense for us to try and re-create it here. All payments will be made on SA2Israel website.

 7 Nights $3200 per person / Double Occupancy 
Single Addon +$1400.  Flights NOT included.   
Make deposit by ASAP and final payment is due May 30, 2023

Please visit the SA2Israel for all the details.


Leaders’ Refresher Summit

What makes this summit unique? 
1) There will be leaders from many different realms/”mountains” across the continent of Africa

2) Many Israeli community leaders & Rabbis will also be attending the day session.

3) Governmental representatives from the following countries have been confirmed.
     Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland

Kevin and Neil will have their own panel discussion during the Leadrship Summit.  

The summit brings together a diverse group of professionals, including the clergy, business leaders, and academics, on a tour of religious sites in Egypt and Israel. The talk session aims to promote intra-faith dialogue and understanding, explore the cultural and historical significance of the region’s religious sites, and foster collaboration and partnerships across the faithful and stakeholders.

It will also explore the cultural and economic diversity as they relate to different countries from which the participants come. The talk session will start with an opening ceremony, followed by a series of plenary sessions, panel discussions, and networking events. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other, share ideas, and explore opportunities for an alliance.

The Summit’s plenary sessions

The following sessions could be considered:

Interfaith dialogue and co-operation – How people of different faiths can work together for the common good could be discussed. Participants could also engage in dialogue to promote religious tolerance, respect, and understanding among diverse communities.

Economic development and investment opportunities – Discussions could be on how to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across sectors. Participants can discuss ways to leverage the region’s religious sites for tourism, economic development, and social impact.

 Education and research – The summit could address visits to universities and research institutions in Egypt and Israel, where participants can learn about the latest research and innovations in religious studies, history, and culture.

Women and youth empowerment – Panelists could consider policies and programs aimed at promoting gender equality and youth empowerment, and perhaps other beneficial angles

Sustainable development and environmental protection – Policies and practices aimed at mitigating environmental challenges could also be areas of interest during the talk session.

Meet your Co-Hosts

Major Daughter

A gold fish, it’s said, has no hiding place. This aptly describes Major Daughter, the woman who’s shaking up the scene as a teacher of the Word! With a very striking background, this speaker, coach, TV host, on air personality (OAP) and author is a master at fixing broken families and spreading hope worldwide.

Her secret ingredient? A heaping dose of GOD’s grace! Folks can’t get enough of her message that she leaves them with bright hope for tomorrow and feeling inspired to reach for the stars.
She is a breath of fresh air in a world where traditional methods just don’t cut it. With a high-spirited approach and a heart of gold, she takes on the toughest cases and comes out on top.

As a media personality, doubling as host and president of MDNTV, one of South Africa’s leading online channels, Major Daughter has charmed audiences with her infectious energy and sharp wit. Her interviews via a Top 5 podcast in South Africa are always insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

She has also hosted her own talk show, where she has interviewed presidents and some of the most influential people and high net worth individuals globally.


Dr. David Molapo
Dr David Molapo is an iconic yet polarising figure in Africa. He is the founder of the I Can Leadership Institute Africa and CEO of I CAN 4IR. He is also the Dean of Logos University USA Southern African Campus. But always describes himself as an educator first. These are not the only titles David holds. He is an author, having written 50 books, a leadership consultant, and international inspiration speaker. People all over the world enjoy David’s on-stage presence, as well as his personal life experiences. He has a unique ability to capture an audience.
This is what David, and his team has to offer in the purpose-driven sessions: Leadership Development, Strategic Planning Workshops, Emotional Intelligence Seminars, Building And Creating High Performance Teams. They also focus on increasing self- awareness, changing mindsets and frameworks for action, and fostering sustainable behavioural shifts.
Through his public appearances in the media, seminars, webinars and workshops, David effectively motivates, inspires, and affects more than 8 million people in Africa each year. He provides the various audiences with the confidence and tools to change their lives, as well as those of the people around them.

We were blessed to make this connection through our Admin, Regina Roundtree.  Many of you may have known that she spent 4 years as a missionary in Vietnam (2017-2021).  And ,yes, she was still working for us during that time!

While in Vietnam, she connected with Major Daughter in South Africa via 10/40 Windows Mission Network.  Regina invited Major Daughter to attend our podcast rooms on the ClubHouse platform.  Because of this , she bought Woke’d Up and Jesus is involved in Politics.  She has been so inspiried by them she wanted to expose us to more leaders in Africa.

We are not being paid to attend this trip and will fund it from our own pockets.  However if you would like to help defray the cost, you can donate  here.  This link  is specific for Israel trip.